NURS3003 - Assessment 3 - Critique

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This assessment addresses the following Nursing Standards:

  1. Standard 1: Thinks critically and analyses nursing practice
  2. 7 Contributes to quality improvement and relevant research
  3. Standard 3: Maintains the capability for practice
  4. 3 Uses a lifelong learning approach for continuing professional development of self and others


  • Read both research articles that have been provided on Blackboard to determine which one you understand best and are most comfortable with. You only need to critique one of the articles.
  • Once you have selected the article you intend to critique use the following to help you critique the relevant sections of the article:
    • The critiquing questions that you have been provided with in Module 7-12
    • The pre-recorded lectures under Learning Materials - how to critique published research articles.
    • The marking guide
    • The rubric
  • The critiquing questions and marking guide are only a guide. You may discuss other points as you see fit. You do not have to answer each dot point.

You may be able to address several dot points in one sentence. Use your own judgement.

  • Do not critique the entire article. The sections that you need to critique are outlined in your unit outline.
  • Your submission will need to be in the form of a WORD document
  • Please use the cover page that is on the Bb site under Assessments. In the ‘assessment details’ section write ‘Critique – the title of the article you are critiquing’.
  • You do not need to include a contents page or the marking guide.
  • Use a short answer format with sub-headings and paragraphs. Use a new sub-heading for each section. Eg Data Collection. A template is provided on Bb.
  • You do not need an Introduction or a Conclusion.
  • Make sure you use literature to support your critique. That is, intext referencing is needed. You can use textbooks or journal articles. Useful articles will be those that focus on methods.
  • Reference according to APA 7th format
  • Please do not simply summarise the article. You need to show some critical analysis. This means discussing the strengths and limitations in how the research was conducted and how the article has been written.
  • If you simply summarise the article you will receive some marks, but will not receive high marks.
  • The word count for your completed piece of work should be 1200 words (+ 10% - 120 words) so a range from 1080 to 1320 words.
  • In-text referencing is not included in the word count.
  • You should have a minimum of six (6) references, not including the article and the textbook. This will give you a mark of ‘satisfactory’ for the referencing section. If you want full marks, use more than six references. The textbook and article you are critiquing will not be included in the six.
  • Name your completed file as follows: full name_ student ID number_type of article – For example: ShelleyGower_12345678_Quantitative
  • Upload through TURNITIN and use similarity report to improve on paraphrasing and referencing
  • Your final submission through TURNITIN will be the one that is marked.

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