NURBN2027 Nursing Context 7: Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Applied to Person-Centered Nursing Practice B

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Case Study Assessment Overview

Overview of the Assessment

The objective of this assessment is to create a patient profile from the information provided and explain the pathophysiology and pharmacology. Students are expected to show competence in providing relevant education points and utilise the clinical reasoning cycle to complete the allocated tasks.

There are two objectives for this assessment:

  • Firstly, you will use the information provided to create a patient profile. You must also explain the patient’s pathophysiology and pharmacology; provide relevant education points; utilise clinical reasoning; and showcase the partnering with consumers standard.
  • Secondly, you must demonstrate an understanding of medication safety by identifying which medications are relevant and safe for the patient to keep upon discharge, and which should be adjusted relevant to the patient’s condition.


You are a student nurse working in an Emergency Unit. Admitted on the 12/07/2023 to the ward is a non-communicative patient. After receiving handover from the admitting nurse, you read through the patients' notes. The notes provide patient information in the form of a physical examination along with minimal laboratory and diagnostic testing information. A "bag of medications" belonging to the patient was presented to you. The bag contains 3  medication bottles with administration instructions.


Individually, you are to develop a patient profile for this patient, relevant to the information you have been given. You will need to identify and explain:

  1. A probable medical and surgical history for the patient with rationales
  2. A reason for admission with rationale
  3. The pathophysiology of the presenting condition
  4. Discuss the patient's three medications
  • The Class
  • Mechanism of Action
  • Adverse effects
  • Potential drug-drug interactions
  • Nursing considerations when the patient is on the medications.

Remember this includes the pathology results you should monitor

and any observations you need to undertake while the patient is having the medications

Use the following documents as a guide to create your patient profile

  1. Nurse Handover
  2. Patient Own Medications
  3. Blood Pathology Results


You have been provided with additional information pertaining to the patient. This includes an updated set of focused progress notes and a medication chart. You are required to:

  1. Read the following documents

Patient Progress Notes

Medication Chart

  1. Consider the medication chart which has pre and post admission medications. Answer the following questions:
  • Which medications are appropriate for continuation on discharge, and why?
  • Which medications do you think should be  discontinued, and why?
  • Why was metoprolol added to the

list, and how can it help the patient’s symptoms?

  1. What discharge teaching points you would provide to the patient (maximum 4 teaching points)

Case Study Assessment 2 Instructions

Instructions to complete the Tasks

1.Consult the clinical reasoning cycle to consider the patient’s situation (describe and / or list facts). This includes:

  • Collect cues: review current information (e.g. handover reports, patient history, patient charts, results of investigations and nursing/medical assessments previously undertaken).
  • Recall knowledge (e.g. physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology).
  • Process information and use it to identify problems and synthesise facts to make a probable diagnosis of the patient’s problem,
  • Establish goals
  • Select a course of action between different alternative variables.

NOTE: Consulting the clinical reasoning cycle will be implied in your presentation, it is not an expectation that you present the cycle itself point for point.

2. Create a POWERPOINT presentation

  • Of 10 minutes (+/-) 10% duration incorporating the elements from TASK 1 and TASK 2.
  • Be creative and employ visual aides to support your arguments.
  • The number of slides must not exceed 10 (references are an extra)

3. Add your narrative over the presentation.

4. Save your POWERPOINT as an MP4. You can upload the video on KALTURA or as a YOUTUBE link if you are familiar on how to adjust the privacy settings on YOUTUBE.

5. Provide references to your presentation. References should be in-text (on the slides) and in a list, using APA 7th edition. Use the Federation University guide on how to properly reference APA. References can be presented as an extra slide (on top of the 10 slides)or as word document uploaded on TURNITIN

6. Upload your presentation to the drop box entitled Case Study Assignment

7. Follow the marking guide to identify how the points will be allocated

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