NURBN2026 Nursing practice 5: Person centred nursing practice - Assessment Task 5: Written Analysis

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AT5: Written analysis of case-based scenario (2,000 words):

Utilise the Clinical Reasoning Cycle (Levett-Jones, 2017), to detail the provision of evidence-based, person-centred care for the case study provided. This should detail the persons situation, collection of cues, processing and identification of issues and the establishment of realistic and relevant goals. In processing and identifying patient information you must clearly identify at least two (2) relevant nursing issues/ problems. You will then detail the care you provide related to those issues as well evaluate anticipated responses and reflect on your learning.

Please use information below to structure your case report:

Introduction (100 words):

  • Briefly detail what you are going to write about, briefly introducing the patient and the CRC Patient situation (100 words):
  • Briefly identify what you know about the patient
  • Consider Brett’s situation describing the person and their context Collect cues (350 words):
  • Review relevant current information
  • Document what else you would like to know e.g., history, physical assessment, or other investigations
  • Recall what you know about his current health condition (Brief pathophysiology – linking

Brett’s health to supporting literature).

Process (350 words):

  • Interpret cue to explain abnormal vital signs
  • Cluster or group important cues, with patterns of health identified
  • Develop inferences/hypotheses of cause of illness/potential problems
  • Relate all information to supporting literature. Identify problems/issues (200 words):
  • Based on your ‘processing’ of information identify at least two (2) immediate nursing

problems/issues related to your shift of care for Brett.

Establish goals (100 words):

  • Identify goals of nursing care related to the nursing problem/issues identified for
  • Remember SMART. Take action (400 words):
  • Detail with supporting literature the nursing care for Brett related to your established goal. Evaluate (100 words):
  • Evaluate your nursing care strategies with what you anticipate Brett’s response will

Reflect (200 words):

  • Reflect on the process of new
  • What did you learn by completing this case report?
  • Where do you need to focus your efforts for wider understanding? Conclusion (100 words):
  • Briefly describe what you wrote about, as well as a summarising statement. References:
  • At least 10 contemporary academic sources, using APA 7th

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