NURBN2025 Primary Health 3 - Assessment Task 1 – Individual Short Answer Questions

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Task 1 Questions 1 to 3: Individual task- culture/identity & mini research

Description: Students to respond to short answer questions demonstrating an understanding of what culture and identity is, and how identity, along with social and cultural factors, can influence beliefs and values.

Question 1 (300 words) written in the both third and First Person.

Discuss what is culture and identity, and how these factors can influence your own beliefs about and interactions with Aboriginal Peoples and/or Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Students need to also look inward and recognise their own culture and how their own values and beliefs influence the way they view the world and see other people.

To enable us to understand other cultures, we must first recognise that we all have our own culture.

  1. Culture and Identity, Values, and beliefs. and how these factors influence beliefs and values.
  • Define Culture and identity.
  • How does identity, along with social and cultural factors influence people's beliefs and values?
  1. Own culture and identity.
  • Describe your own culture and identity and how these factors have influenced your own beliefs, values, and interactions with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.
  • What do you consider to be the characteristics of your identity?
  • What has influenced your cultural lens (beliefs and values)?

Question 2: (600 words) - Write in the third Person

Research a First Nations Person who has advocated for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples or influenced policy or Community action,

Research and discuss a significant figure within the First Nations Communities.

  • May be a First Nations researcher, author, musician, parliamentarian, advocate. May be a historical figure or a figure of contemporary times.

A: Research and Identify one First Nations Person that you think has influenced community/policy

  • How has that person's background influenced their advocacy.
  • Comprehensively discuss what this person has achieved.

B: How has that person advocated for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People or influenced non-Indigenous people, policy, or community ?

Question 3: (600 words.) Written in the third person.

Describe effective strategies that health professionals may utilise to assist with incorporating a health care environment that is both anti-racist and also able to deliver care to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Peoples in a culturally safe way.

Formatting as per assessment instruction document.

Reference list and in-text citations as per APA 7th edition.

Submission and Return of Student Work

  • All assessments are to be submitted before or on the due date and stipulated time, and submitted electronically via database or submission links as identified in the assessment task instructions.
  • Please ensure the first page of your submitted work is a title page that includes:
  • the assessment title,
  • student name(s) AND student ID number(s).
  • course name and number,
  • relevant academic,
  • due date.
  • and meet all other elements and format requirements specified for each assessment task.
  • When submitting online, please ensure that the file name includes the Course Code, Student ID number and Assessment Task Number. For example: NURBN3033_30109999_AT1.
  • Assessment tasks will be marked by academic staff and normally returned within a 4 week period, however this is dependant on staffing and workload considerations. Students will be notified of intended return of assessment tasks through the Moodie forum. Your final submitted assessment results will be made available at the end of semester once the final grades have been released (University Policy).

IT issues at Submission:

If students have any IT issues with submitting assessment tasks, they should in the first instance take a screen shot of their computer, ensuring that the screenshot includes date and time of error, and all other necessary information. Students are to then contact ITS Helpdesk on 5327 9999 and log a job. Once an IT Job Ticket Number has been provided, students are to email this to course coordinator. It is a student's responsibility to save their assessment tasks and to back up their files. Students will not be granted extensions unless drafts of assessment tasks can be provided and documentary evidence is provided, where major IT issues have occurred.

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