NUR3201 Case Study 2 – Accountability and Responsibility

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Assessment name Written Case Study 2 NUR3201
Brief task description Students are to read a coronial case report and then conduct a critical analysis of key Quality and Safety concepts within the case. Comprehensive details of the required task can be found in the ‘Task Information’ section of this document and the assignment marking rubric provided on the course study desk under ‘Assessments’. The case to be analysed is the non-inquest findings into the death of SM (Queensland Coroner 2015).Students are to use current and relevant Australian literature to support the analysis and should specifically link supporting literature to the case. With a focus on risk, the analysis should include patient assessment, recognition of deterioration and team communication provided from the Registered Nurses within their scope of practice whilst caring for SM.
Rationale for assessment task Comprehensive assessment, documentation and communication can save lives and improve patient outcomes. This assignment will ask the student to consider their role and accountability as a Registered Nurse in this process, to prepare them for clinical practice where they will be required to work within the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. Quality-Health-Service-Standards-second-edition.pdf
Due Date 15th May 2023 by 23:59 AEST
Length Word limit is 1800 words – 10% deviation allowed (word length includes in-text referencing and excludes the reference list and appendices)
Marks out of: Weighting: Case study: Marks out of 70 weighting 45%
Course Objectives measured CO-1, 3, 4, 5, 6

Task information

Part 1 details To successfully complete this assignment, you will need to complete all the following.Analysis of the Case

Students are to conduct a critical analysis of the case referencing key pieces of information/examples specifically from the case and using contemporary literature to support the analysis. This focused analysis should specifically relate to the Registered Nurse’s role in identifying risk, patient assessment, recognition of deterioration and team communication within their scope of practice whilst caring for SM.

1.      The analysis should commence with a discussion from the case to highlight patient risks and missed opportunities from the perspective of a Registered Nurse with a focus on their documentation, communication and registered nurses' responsibilities and accountabilities in recognising deterioration and escalating care.

2.      Students should include a discussion of the types of ongoing assessments considered important from the Registered Nurse in recognition of deterioration from a comprehensive and holistic approach.

3.      The analysis of this case should use pertinent literature regarding concepts of holistic patient assessment, human factors, and effective team communication (both written and verbal) and the implications of these on effective decision- making and care provision in the case of SM.

4.      Students must provide a synopsis of suitable strategies that could be implemented to risk mitigate missed opportunities found in the case that relate to and demonstrate knowledge of the Registered Nurse’s responsibility and accountability for detecting and responding to acute deterioration.

In this discussion students should consider the National Safety and Quality in Healthcare Standard – Partnering with Consumers Standard and reflect upon ‘if the health service were to work with SM’s family what strategies (other than those recommended by the QLD Coroner and the RCA recommendationscould they put in place to prevent another similar incident occurring?’

Students need to demonstrate synthesis of published material within the student’s own analysis to demonstrate appropriate understanding. The analysis must be supported by relevant and contemporary literature including journal articles and relevant legislative and health policy and guideline documents. It is expected that a minimum of journal articles will be used.

Writing Style This assessment piece will be written in the form of an academic piece of work providing references to relevant peer reviewed articles and legislative and relevant health department policies and guidelines. Students need to demonstrate synthesis of published material with the student’s own analysis to demonstrate appropriate understanding of key safety and quality concepts within the case. Students should not to re-state the case in their work.
Referencing/ citations ·         For this assessment, you will use APA 7th referencing style.·         Sources: Students reference list must include at least scholarly sources with the majority no older than 6 years old.
·         In text citations: Students must include intext citations in the body of work. Each new point or piece of evidence must be attributed (via in-text citation) to the source.
Formatting Style Double spacing, font size 12, page numbers to be included
Resources available to complete task ResourcesCoroners Court Queensland: Non Inquest findings into the death of SM data/assets/pdf_file/0003/429519/cif-sm- 20150526.pdf

National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards


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Request for extensions are for extenuating circumstances only and must be at least three days prior to due date. Please see link to the USQ policy for how to request an extension extensions

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