NSG3RDP/RDM Recognising and Responding to the Deteriorating Patient Context Mapping

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NSG3RDP/RDM Subject Summary

In this subject you had the opportunity to extend your knowledge and skills to complex and dynamic patient situations. Through lectures, online activities, workshops, clinical skills laboratories and a clinical placement you will focussed on the assessment and interventions aimed at arresting sudden deterioration of a patient’s health. The clinical practicum allowed you to experience high acuity care settings and assume the responsibility of caring for individuals with time critical needs.

Subject Intended Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify common pathophysiology that can result in sudden deterioration of an individual’s condition.
  2. Apply the clinical reasoning cycle to provide person-centred care for individuals experiencing sudden deterioration.
  3. Demonstrate competence in technical skills when providing person-centred care for individuals experiencing sudden deterioration
  4. Articulate the role and responsibilities of a nurse caring for an individual experiencing a sudden deterioration.
  5. Develop and awareness of and contribute to the risk management strategies of a healthcare agency 

Guidelines and instructions on how to complete this subject mapping template

Please complete the subject template below by following the following instructions:

Step 1 For each of the seven standards, look at the ANSAT behavioural cues listed under that Standard.

Step 2 Tick the level you achieved for that standard at final assessment (please  (Tick √) the relevant points column).

Step 3 Comments column – reflect on the level you achieved for that standard.  Using the ANSAT behavioural cues to guide you, reflect and write comments on how you achieved that standard.  Provide examples of how you achieved each of the standard during your clinical placement.

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