MWL101 Professional Insight - Assessment 1 - My Opportunities

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1.    Introduction

All graduates should learn more about the workforce and how their beliefs, abilities, and experience can help them thrive in a certain area. In this report, I will first utilise a Professional Dashboard to investigate and analyse my current talents and what I can contribute to a position. Finally, combining what I've learned with what I've learned about my beliefs, I'll select a prefered industry. I'll also discuss trends and the abilities required to succeed in this industry. Next, I will analyse the abilities I already have, going into depth about my strengths and any flaws that may make it difficult for me to get work.

1.    My Capabilities

2a. My Professional Dashboard

2b. My Capabilities - Analysis

When I look at my Professional Dashboard, I am able to see the areas of my professional experience, knowledge, and abilities that are very strong as well as the areas in which they are particularly lacking.


My field of interest might eventually get me a position in an office environment. Due to the fact that I have spent the past half year working in this industry as an employee of strategic investment department of Cam Pha Industrial Co., Ltd.'s , I have acquired some expertise in this line of work.

I have been able to gain skills and learn about how a business is operated as well as how to manage the investment money of a firm, both of which have been very beneficial. I have been able to do all of this through the positions that I have held.


If you want to secure a job at the entry level in any industry, you need to have sufficient prior knowledge of that industry. Via your job application and interviews, a potential employer can show that you are aware of this information. My Professional Dashboard demonstrates that I have gained sufficient information via my job experience to be aware of exactly what it is that I need to do in order to become useful to an organisation. As a result of having this knowledge, a company will be able to see that I am already familiar with the requirements necessary to be successful in a new workplace, which increases the likelihood that they will hire me.

Even while it is obvious that I have a decent understanding of how a business operates, the gaps in my knowledge may become apparent if I change careers and work in an environment that utilises different technical systems or a different setting.


My corporate work experience has helped me strengthen numerous abilities, including communication, relationship building, and teamwork. Improving these soft skills will help me advance in my career because, when combined with my technical talents, they will distinguish me as a strong candidate when I apply for positions in my chosen sector. Furthermore, Indeed Editorial Team (2022) stated that companies frequently request a blend of hard and soft abilities in job descriptions. Hard skills include technical knowledge and training, whereas soft skills are personality attributes like leadership, communication, and time management. Both types of talents are required to perform and advance in most jobs.

Even though I've discussed how my soft skills have improved as a result of my work experiences, there are still critical technical skills I must obtain if I want to work in my chosen industry. They can be enhanced with additional education and outside study, but many of the technical abilities required will have to be gained "on the job."

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