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Case Analysis report task requirements:

Choose ONE Scenario from the following two alternatives:

Scenario 1: Omega Health

You are the HR Director in a multi‐disciplinary health services provider named ‘Omega Health’, operating in 20 suburban locations in five State capital cities of Australia. Omega Health is a for‐profit company, providing allied health consultation and rehabilitation services. The company currently employs around 230 professionals, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists and psychologists. There are also around 170 support and administration staff. The CEO and Board are looking forward to your written discussion paper on recommendations for dealing with some of the workforce issues in the organisation, based on your research and understanding of HR theory and practice. Note that the company’s business strategy for the next five years is: (1) to continue to provide quality allied health services; and (2) to expand into new suburban locations.

In reviewing the current situation, the current priority issues are:

  1. Work flexibility. 60% of the workforce are female, with 20 of those staff on parental leave. Another 3 males are also on parental leave. HR Business partners and local managers have identified that part‐time and flexible working hours are critical concerns for many
  2. Employee engagement. There is a focus on standard pay rates at market rate for professionals, with award rates for support and administrative staff. However, senior managers are concerned that motivation of staff could be stronger and have wondered whether an improved remuneration, reward and recognition system could be
  3. Employee relations. Feedback from a recent staff survey has shown that many staff believe that senior managers are too ‘distant’ from employees, and that employees are not provided with sufficient opportunity to participate in organisational

In your report about addressing workplace issues, please use issues as examples of how an integrated HR‐business strategy would help move forward the selected issues.

In writing this discussion paper we would expect you to refer to a minimum of 10 academic journal articles and/or relevant reference textbooks.

Scenario 2: Maxima Solutions

You are the newly appointed HR Adviser for Maxima Solutions and the CEO is keen to get your advice on some of its workforce problems.

Maxima Solutions is a software services group that is based in Australia and India. The company has only been in existence for 15 years but has rapidly expanded its business through takeovers of other smaller companies and through product reputation and marketing. Maxima Solutions provides services globally but does most of its business in Australia and South Asia. It currently employs 250 staff in India and 80 in Australia.

One of the main problems in the company is retention of key capability. Turnover of software developers is currently 25% in Australia and 20% in India. The company employs a HR manager, a Payroll Manager, and full‐time Recruiter in India and a HR manager and a part‐time recruiter in Australia.

However, the Australian HR manager spends much of their time in capability sourcing and recruitment. Several of the developer teams in India are supervised locally, but their team leaders report to senior managers in Australia. The company is struggling to keep its best employees, and offering additional remuneration to these people has not worked as a strategy.

The CEO, who is based in Australia, recently hired a consultant to investigate the problems with talent retention and capability. The consultant reported back that there were a range of problems with the management of talent in the workplace. The areas identified were:

‐     A lack of cultural understanding of Indian employees by some Australian managers

‐     A need to better target recruitment to the Indian market

‐     A lack of development opportunities and career planning for staff in both countries

‐     A need for the fast tracking of high performing individuals

As HR Advisor, you now need to address these issues in a report to the CEO, using evidence from theory and best practice to offer recommended solutions for Maxima to implement.

In your report about addressing workplace issues, please use issues as examples of how an integrated HR‐business strategy would help move forward the selected issues.

In writing this discussion paper we would expect you to refer to a minimum of 10 academic journal articles and/or relevant reference textbooks.

Video Presentation Requirement

Create no more than ten powerpoint (or similar) slides to summarize the content of your report to present to the organisation. Note that this requirement is instead of an executive summary. The creation of the slides and presentation is equivalent to 500 words, however do not count the words in the slides – only use sufficient words to summarize the report. Please use diagrams or charts where appropriate.

Do not copy whole segments of text from the paper. The slides should summarize information in a way that adds interest to the audience, not just copying text from the report.

Create a video display of yourself presenting the summary using the technologies available on your computer or phone.

Recommended Report Structure (and approximate word allocation):

This is a guide only – you may have an alternative structure which best suits your argument.

Title Page

(Include your name, the paper title, student number and word length)

  1. Introduction: (approx. 100 words)
    • Clarify Purpose
  1. Exploration of theory and practice relating to the issues: (approx. 2000 words)
    • Includes various numbered sections (For example: Theory and best practice related to Issue Theory and best practice related to Issue Y. 4. Alignment of relevant strategic HR model and business strategy.)
  1. Conclusion and Recommendations: (approx. 400 words)
  2. Reference List
  1. Appendices (not essential, only include if necessary for the report)


Professional‐looking documents builds credibility.

Your report should be presented according to the following formatting guidelines:

  • Font: 12 point (or equivalent readability)
  • Line Spacing: 5 spacing
  • Page Numbers: Bottom right hand corner of page
  • Numbered section headings and sub‐headings should be used (e.g. Introduction)
  • Numbered tables and diagrams should be used
  • Is 2500 words in length, not including the reference list, tables, diagrams or slides – please include the word length on the front cover
  • Uses correct in‐text referencing (Harvard or APA systems)
  • Includes a reference list which is correctly formatted in alphabetical order (Harvard or APA systems)
  • The slides should be neat and not crowded with information. Use a large font (e.g. at least 20 point) so the audience can read it Include illustrations where appropriate.

Refer to the remainder of the Assessment Task 2 in the unit site for further guidance on finding appropriate sources, the expectations of report writing in an academic context, and referencing.

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