MPM703 Business Strategy & Analysis - Assessment 1: Case Analysis

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This task provides you with opportunities to learn the theories and frameworks (ULO2 & GLO1, 5) and hone your skills to apply these theories (ULO1 & GLO1, 5) to the real-life business context to solve important strategic issues of the organizations (ULO3 & GLO5; ULO5 & GLO2). By completing this task, you will develop your skills in researching, understanding, applying, evaluating, and presenting information required of business professionals.


For this task, assume you are a management consultant hired by Menulog. You are to prepare a report analysing external and internal environments of Menulog in Australia and giving recommendations to its top management. With this in mind, please answer the following questions:

Assessment 1:

  1. Using PESTLE analysis, list two (1) opportunity AND (1) threat for Australian on-line food ordering & delivery industry in the new normal (i.e., 2022 and onward) and explain Make sure to define Australian on-line food ordering & delivery industry. (300 words)
  1. Using Porter’s 5 Forces Framework, analyse all five (5) factors that can affect the Australian on-line food ordering & delivery industry with focus on Menulog’s business in the new normal? In doing so, discuss their overall (500 words)
  1. Using resource-based view framework, identify and discuss at least two (2) resources/capabilities that may potentially facilitate Menulog’s competitive advantage in the new normal. Conduct VRIO analysis on each of these resources or capabilities and indicate whether Menulog has any VRIO resource. (500 words)
  1. Based on the conclusions of the above three analyses, identify Menulog’s one (1) key strategic issue that you think is the most In doing so, please briefly explain why. (200 words)
  1. Using generic strategies framework, recommend strategy for Menulog moving forward in the on-line food ordering & delivery market. In doing so, identify at least two (2) specific strategic actions Menulog can (500 words)

Specific Requirements

You are expected to draw on your knowledge of the topics that we have covered from Weeks 1-5 inproviding comprehensive and insightful answers to the questions presented above. This written assignment will challenge your ability to apply what you have learned from this unit to date particularly relevant strategy frameworks and concepts.

You will do well in this assignment if you build on the theories, concepts, models and frameworks that we have covered in this unit to date (i.e. textbook, lectures, tutorials, workshops, readings, hand-outs, links through our CloudDeakin) when you answer the questions below.

You are free to adopt your own style, approach and layout in presenting your answers to these questions in a formal written report. In other words, if you think you can present your arguments/ideas in narrative, tabular, graphic, or bullet-list forms (or a combination of these forms) in a clear and persuasive manner, then please do what you think is best. However, there is a word-limit for each question (i.e.,number of words) so please be mindful of that.

The assignment has a total word limit of 2000 words. There is no minimum number of words nor minimum number of references. The analysis tables and references are not included in the word count and are considered as supporting material to justify your decisions, claims, and suggestions.

Please indicate the actual total number words in the cover page of your assignment. Please use Times New Roman or Calibri, font 12, double space, 1-inch margin all sides. Cite the references that you have used using any referencing style of your choosing. You can use Harvard referencing style (author-date system) which is the one of the simplest referencing styles around. The reference list which you will provide at the end of your answer is NOT counted in the maximum number of words. Tables and Figures also NOT include in word limit. However, please use Tables andFigures for analysis with bullet points making it easy to read.

You may have additional appendices for some supporting analyses but use these sparingly as these are not counted in the word limit and will not be marked. You will submit/upload your assignment ina word document file to an Assignment folder in our CloudDeakin. Please refer to the evaluation rubric which the unit’s teaching team will use in marking your assignment.

You are expected to draw on our unit’s teaching and learning resources such as our textbook, class and seminar resources, and other learning resources found in our CloudDeakin. For this assignment,teaching and learning materials covered in the class and provided in the CloudDeakin (i.e., class notesthe case and its supporting documents (all found in CloudDeakin) are sufficient to complete this assignment. However, if you wish you can go beyond these resources in completing this assessment.

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