MPH5276 Safety Management Systems

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Week 1

Discuss the following questions from Topic 1 in the threads below.

1.1 In Reading 1.3, James Reason discusses Hazards, Defences and Losses and classifies accidents into two major groups, Individual and Organisational (Chapter 1). What advantages are there in classifying accidents in this way?

1.2 Under the Victorian Occupational Health & Safety Act 2004, the term ‘ and without risk to health’ is used several times. For example, see Part 3, Division 2, Section 21, (1), (2) (a), (2) (c), (2) (e). What does this term mean in practical terms?  Make a critical evaluation of Part 5 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, and its compatibility with the ‘Reason’ model of energy exchange (Reading 1.3).

1.3 Having read Australian Bureau of Statistics (2014) Work-Related Injuries, Australia, JUL 2013 TO JUN 2014, what can be drawn from this data in relation to your workplace?

1.4 The article titled ‘Human Frailties and Toxic Organisations’ written by R Burke (2010) pp 1-7 and 41-44 describes human and organizational factors contributing to illness and injury. Question What is the value of classifying human and organisational factors contributing to workplace incident and illness?

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