MPH5242 Psychosocial Work Environment

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  1. The psychosocial work environment in a social context

What defines the psychosocial work environment? What are some of the health inequalities in Australia in relation to job stress and strain, and harms associated with work environments? What are some of the main factors that influence these?

Has the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic accentuated or lessened these inequalities? If so, how?

  1. Changes in the organisation of work and its effects

How have changes in the organisation of work affected work in contemporary Australia.

Can this be translated to other countries? What are the similarities, differences? Compare and contrast with one other country.

  1. The psychosocial work environment, disease and health

Marmot et al discuss changes to the pattern of occurrence of coronary heart disease and theoretical models of psychosocial work environment relevant to health. How strong is the case made by the author that work organisation contributes to ill-health?


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