MPH5002 Foundations of Health Promotion and Program Planning

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For this assessment task you are required to develop a program plan to address a public health issue you have identified in a priority population group

If you are finding it difficult to select a health issue, it is recommended that you choose one based on an issue you know well or are particularly passionate about. You may also like to explore relevant health issues that are prevalent where you live, work or study by researching local government, health service or university strategic plans that contain this information. Once you have selected your health issue then do further research of which populations are most impacted and that will be your priority population.

Your report should be based on peer-reviewed scientific literature that you have sourced for yourself through literature and database searches; that is, scientific journal articles, papers, books and so on You can also reference published government reports and publications, institutional reports and regulatory standards, and other similar official materials. Do not use general websites for information.

If your work includes the intellectual property (authored material) of others (including books, journal articles, magazines, news articles, images, tables, websites, social media, etc) they must be given appropriate attribution.

You must cite all of your sources using the Vancouver referencing style

Structuring your assessment

The following contains recommendations for included sections, and layout of, your assessment

  • Overview of the proposed program

State your health issue and priority target population with a brief justification Provide a brief summary of the proposed program, its purpose, and an overview of what will be presented.

  • Needs assessment

Before you present the program, it is important that the need for intervention for

addressing both the health issue AND this priority population group is highlighted and a sound rationale provided. Use data, statistics and supporting evidence to justify your selection in this section.

  • Program design

Identify the determinants of health that your project will address. You should also include relevant health promotion principles, frameworks and models informing the design of the program. Describe measures that have been included to improve sustainability of the program. Note: these elements may be incorporated into the plan themselves, or as a standalone section.

  • Program plan

State the project goal and include a set of SMART objectives that correspond to the determinants Describe the strategies that will be used, the objectives they would address and your justification for selecting these_ This analysis of strategies should be supported by evidence Identify the personnel and partners who would play different roles in strategy implementation

  • Recommendations for program implementation and evaluation

Specify the stages and timeframes of strategy implementation. Summarise how the program could be evaluated

  • Concluding remarks

Conclude with summary arguments about the strengths of the plan, considering the evidence on which it is based, and the elements of effective practice that have been incorporated into its design

By definition, a report is a concise piece of writing that sets out and analyses a situation or problem, often making recommendations for future actions Where an essay focuses on arguments and reasoning, a report concentrates on the logical presentation of facts. Reports usually include headings, subheadings and specific sections, and may include bullet points, figures and tables As such, it is highly recommended you utilise these and provide further structure beyond just the suggested sections provided above. Your report should be logically and clearly presented to the reader.

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