MN623 Cyber Security and Analytics - Assignment 3: Group Report

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Assignment Description

The assignment has two parts.

Part I: Group Report

Part II: Video Demonstration

Submission Guidelines:

  • Write a group report on the topics listed in Part A, Part B and Part
  • Make a group video demonstration of one cyber security tool from each section. Length of Video: The total length of the video presentation should not be more than 9 minutes (marks would be deducted for longer presentation).

Note: Put the video link of your group video demonstration in the cover page of your Group Report.

Part A


Complete and make a report based on the following. Contents must include all the points:

  1. Gathering information about any organization/company is an important and critical step in conducting a penetration Explain active and passive foot printing for information gathering.
  2. Demonstrate your skills in passive foot printing using the Maltego (Take screenshots of your work and paste in the report)
  3. Suggest and report defenses against active and passive foot printing as your company’s policy needs to be updated in that regards.

Part B


Your task is to complete and make a report based on the following. Contents must include all the points:

  1. Elucidate the different types of credential attacks. Demonstrate Brute force attack using (Take screenshots of your work and paste in the report).
  2. Burp Suite is a penetration testing tools for web applications. Demonstrate how you can intercept web traffic using Burp suite. Use Burp Suite to launch a brute force attack. (Take screenshots of your work and paste in the report).
  3. Recommend intelligent security solutions based on data analytics to your company for security
  4. Discuss the benefits of descriptive and predictive data analysis in cybersecurity domain in regard to the dataset provided at a) or b)

Part C


  1. Your task is to complete and make a report based on the Contents must include all the points in this section:
  2. Demonstrate your data analytic skills on any three datasets available at:
  3. Select any of the recently published data set available on the links mentioned below,

and load it to Weka tool preferably or tool of your choice, then select the features with rationale (external reference or your own reasoning).

Evaluate and select the data analytic techniques for testing and apply one method of

classification and demonstrate the following steps.

  1. Create training and testing data samples from dataset provided at a) or b) above
  2. Classify the network intrusion given at the sample data at a) or b) above
  • Evaluate the performance of intrusion detection using the available tools and technologies (e.g. confusion matrix).

Note: Take screenshots of your work on WEKA or tool of your choice, showing the answer to above questions. Include these screenshots in your final report.

Please use the following references and others for more information to complete the Part C:

  1. Damasevicius, , Venckauskas, A., Grigaliunas, S., Toldinas, J., Morkevicius, N., Aleliunas, T., & Smuikys,P. (2020). LITNET-2020: An annotated real-world network flow dataset for network intrusion detection. Electronics9(5), 800.
  2. Larriva-Novo, X., Villagrá, V. A., Vega-Barbas, M., Rivera, D., & Sanz Rodrigo, M. (2021). An IoT-Focused Intrusion Detection System Approach Based on Preprocessing Characterization for Cybersecurity Sensors21(2), 656.
  3. Tait, Kathryn-Ann, Jan Sher Khan, Fehaid Alqahtani, Awais Aziz Shah, Fadia Ali Khan, Mujeeb Ur Rehman, Wadii Boulila, and Jawad "Intrusion Detection using Machine Learning Techniques: An Experimental Comparison." arXiv preprint arXiv:2105.13435 (2021).


If you are using the dataset at a) for your research, please reference it as “Stratosphere Laboratory. A labeled dataset with malicious and benign IoT network traffic. January 22. Agustin Parmisano, Sebastian Garcia, Maria Jose Erquiaga.

Students can find “IEEE-Reference-Guide.pdf” available in Assignments Folder after logging into your MOODLE account for referencing purposes.

SparkPlus activity is mandatory for MN623 Assignment 3 as it is a group assignment.

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