MMS736 Strategic (Sport) Management - Case Study Assignment

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Description / Requirements 


Students are required to investigate and prepare a detailed case study describing a sport management related example of the concepts of strategic management as discussed in class. The case study will be presented in three parts and should address a strategic issue or problem for a sport organisation.

Part 1 (approx 2000 words) will comprise an introduction and all the relevant details of the case under investigation describing a logical sequence of events as it applies to the case. You should endeavor to tell the story as it relates to the case. The structure and layout of the case is paramount, with an organisational background section, presentation of data and explanation of the key strategic issue or problem in the environment of the organization expected in this section. As this is a capstone unit, students will be expected to gather all relevant information pertaining to the case under investigation.

Part 2 (approx 1750 words) will provide a detailed analysis of the case and the important points as they relate to strategic management. This section should include a series of key questions that illustrate the key issues in the case. Key issues to be addressed in  Part 2 include an analytical overview (as opposed to descriptive background provided in  Part 1) of the industry and competitive analysis, company situation analysis, strategy and competitive advantage, strategy formulation and implementation. Tools from the unit should be used as part of the analysis. Other issues may be relevant depending on the case itself and they might include strategic change, control, leadership, culture and measures of organizational performance.

Part 3 (approx 750 words) will provide key leanings and recommendations from the case. This section should present a solution(s) to be adopted, the adoption of which should be justified relative to the problem. Critically, this section should develop a response appropriate to the sport industry context, with the impact of the solution presented. The impact of the solution should be discussed with the consideration of global or diverse communities that the organisation may serve. You may find it helpful to formulate around the questions framed in


This assessment (as a strategic management case) is distinct from other assessments from your course to date. As such, you are heavily advised not to replicate material from past assessments you may have completed. Please consider this from a (self) plagiarism perspective as well as the suitability of the content you present in your assessment. Your case study should include academic references and incorporate key aspects from the unit as well as additional material sourced from high-quality peer-reviewed journals, in particular in Part 2 and 3 of the case.

Check the Rubric before writing your case study

The case study will comprise a front page (with the name and id of the student, a title and the number of words), a table of content, an executive summary, introduction, the three parts, a reference list and appendix if necessary. The last part of the case study (the recommendations) can include a conclusion, but a dedicated section is not needed. Make sure that you are aware of the support services available and issues of  plagiarism and collusion. See Student Resources & Support Website as well as Academic and study skills. Also see the resources and links below to help you frame and write your case.

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