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Fan and Participant Engagement (FPE) explores the use of relationship marketing and communication strategies to create meaningful dialog with consumers. This dialog (engagement) leads to a number of consumer attitudes and behaviours which can be leveraged by organisations to provide positive outcomes. In this task students will synthesise main themes covered in this unit, analysis data sets provided, and carry out external research to create a business report, written for organisation executives, to provide strategies to address common FPE issues.

Specific Requirements

Individually, you will research and develop a 3500 word business report (case study) on one of the topics listed.

  • This assessment will provide you the opportunity to create a business report of a case study on a specific Fan and Participant Engagement related organisational issue from the following examples you might find in industry:
  1. Participation
  2. Professional Team
  3. Stadiums
  4. Facilities
  5. Recreational / Aquatic Centra
  6. Events
  7. Charity

Specific to this unit, the case studies you need to choose from for AT2 are provided below:

Case Study 1

If you choose this case you are tasked with developing a range of potential strategies to support the lead character, Michael Battersby (you), in implementing live streaming within a social media strategy. This is a fictional case based on the actual management of a social media strategy that occurred in a professional sport organization in Queensland, Australia. The intention of the case is to explore a range of social media management themes such as live streaming, audience reach, fan engagement, and decision making as they apply to a sport organization. The case primarily focuses on social media live streaming (specifically Facebook Live) and aims to provide an understanding of live video posts in comparison with other post types (i.e., photo, video, text, and links).

Case Study 2

The Premier Rugby 7s case challenges you to consider and develop a digital marketing strategy for a start-up professional sport league. Unlike many major sports in the American marketplace, the case presents Rugby 7s—a relative newcomer to the sporting marketplace—as the newest professional sport. In this case, marketing consultants (you) are faced with the challenge of designing a digital marketing strategy for a “new generation” of sport fans. Drawing upon the tenets of traditional marketing, you will explore the development of target markets, the challenges in introducing a new sport to fans, how to capitalize on new media trends, and how to differentiate their product in a crowded marketplace.

How do I create a Case study?

Although the output for this task is a business report communicated to peers and superiors in industry, it is in essence a case study where you will explore and research an issue and develop an evidence based opinion.

  • A case study is a “story” that is built on the back of evidence.
  • You can look at the examples on the Cloud site for formatting/structure ideas. There are also shorter examples in your textbook (your assignment will be far more detailed than these).
  • This case study should analyse a specific social marketing issue, drawing on a practical sport example (action being taken in sport to address a specific social issue).
  • Students should draw on marketing principles to ‘unpack’ what is occurring in their chosen case.
  • In addition to the questions provided in your chosen case, the following can provide further guidance:

o What action is being taken by the chosen sport organisation(s)?

o Why is this action being taken?

o What motivates the sport(s) to engage with this issue?

o How does the organisation approach the issue and engaging their fan/participant base in the issue?

o What are the outcomes?

To build your case study, the following will need to be included:

  1. Sufficient background details or evidence related to the marketing issue and information to lead the reader to engage and interact with the data.
  2. Provision of case data (e.g., timeline, data, statistics, quotes, etc.) to provide strong support for your analysis.
  3. Discussion of the specific issue to assist the case reader to answer case questions (e.g., what are the issues, who are the relevant players, etc.).
  4. Implications for the individuals/organisations involved with your case issue/question.
  5. Case study questions will be posed at the end of the case. Make sure you draw on FAN and PARTICIPANT ENGAGEMENT and MARKETING PRINCIPLES in preparing and answering these questions within the main body of your submission.

The following structure should be considered:

Executive Summary and Scope (not included in word count): • Provide a summary of the case, its main marketing issue(s) and alternative solutions/paths.

Main Case: • Background information to the case to lead into the presentation of the issues related to the marketing problem.

  • This is where the main substance of the case should be presented. All the major relevant details to describe the case should be discussed. These details should be sufficient for the reader to answer critical case study questions.

In addition to answering the questions posed in the case study chosen you also need to discuss the following points within your main case:

o What action is being taken by the chosen sport organisation(s)?

o Why is this action being taken?

o What motivates the sport(s) to engage with this issue?

o How does the organisation approach the issue and engaging their fan/participant base in the issue?

o What are the outcomes?

Ensure that questions posed in the case study are addressed in this section and help shape your closing paragraph.

Closing Paragraph:

  • Restate the major, relevant marketing issues considered in the case and consider potential implications.
  • Use APA style (see CloudDeakin for resources regarding referencing).

Appendices (not included in word count):

  • Supportive data can be included here (e.g., charts, graphs, financial information, and outside research relevant to the case).

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