MMM132 - PART 2 (A1.2) Final Business Report

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The purpose of this assessment is to provide you with opportunities to develop important skills and knowledge required in the study and practice of management in organisations. Through engaging in this task, you will develop important academic skills in researching, applying, evaluating, and presenting information and ideas to the standard required of business professionals.


Understanding how management theory and concepts are used to both guide and evaluate management decisions is important to the success of professionals in organisations. Although organisations come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the foundation management theories and concepts studied in MMM132 can be used to understand and evaluate management in most organisations.

Two-part assessment

This assessment is in two parts due on different dates. It is important you submit both parts.

The knowledge and academic research, planning, citing, evaluative and referencing skills learned in Part A1.1 of this assignment will help you with the requirements in Part A1.2.


For both parts of this assessment task, imagine you are applying for a graduate job at either Qantas or Netflix. As part of the application process, you are asked to complete a report examining certain aspects of its management and organisation.


Specific Requirements

PART 2 (A1.2) Final Business Report - 8pm Tuesday 2 May (Week 8)

Purpose: Assume you have applied for a graduate role at either Qantas or Netflix. As part of this application, you have been asked to write a report examining management aspects of the organisation to which you applied.

This business report provides you with an opportunity to strengthen the skills and apply the feedback you gained through completion of A1.1. In addition, this report requires you to consider where you might fit as a manager in your chosen organisation and reflect on what you can do to prepare for such a position. Use the Business Report format (see pp. 4-5 below) to guide you on the sections required in your report.

There are three tasks you must complete in your Part 2 (A1.2) Final Business Report. You must complete and submit all three tasks within the body of your report.

Task A1.2.1: Define and explain organisational vision and mission. Then describe and evaluate the vision and mission of either Qantas or Netflix in 2023. Begin your research by reading Chapter 9, LO2 of the text.

Task A1.2.2: Differentiate the roles that compliance and CSR programs serve in organisations. Then evaluate any two current CSR programs provided by either Qantas or Netflix. Begin your research by reading Chapter 5, LO6 of the text.

Task A1.2.3: Imagine you are applying for a first-line manager’s job at either Qantas or Netflix. Describe the skills you are likely to need in this kind of job at either Qantas or Netflix. Begin your research by reading Chapter 1, LO3 of the text. Next, explain and evaluate how your completion of any two Deakin experiences offered in the Deakin Talent build your experience website could provide you with experiences relevant to these roles as a first-line manager job.

*Each of the above three tasks in A1.2 should be a maximum of 500 words and must cite the prescribed MMM132 textbook, one or more peer reviewed Management academic journal article, and one or more reputable sources and/or the website of your chosen organisation. You will be rewarded using the DEAR model, to include definitions, explanations, application, contextualisation, analysis, critical evaluation, citations, and a reference list.

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