MKTG1415 Digital Marketing - Assessment Task 1: Marketing Plan

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Assessment Task 1: Strategic Digital Marketing Plan

Type: Written Report

Weighting: 30 %

Length: Report 2000 words (individual submission) | 3000 words (for a pair) or 4000 words (group submission - maximum of three students in a group) (+/- 10%)


You are required to write a strategic digital marketing plan with a detailed proposal and timeline.

The purpose of this assessment is to develop a plan based on a sound strategy with the precise aim of creating value for target audiences. A strong plan is a core foundation for any brand to meet the needs and wants of audiences, measure impacts and continue to improve performance.

Assessment Criteria (30%)

  • WHY (15%) Assessment of the explicit need/motivation to write and execute this plan. Evaluation of the problem and WHY it must be addressed. Critical analysis of digital trends in your industry and the likely future impact of digital marketing on your business/brand. (CLO 1, 3, 5)
  • WHO (15%) WHO are the stakeholders? – Customers & competitors must be covered. Assessment of value creation by key Critical analysis of what customers value and a clear customer value proposition: what is in it for them? (CLO 1, 3, 5)
  • WHAT (20%) This section is about the overall strategy and should clearly articulate WHAT the business needs to achieve at a strategic level (for example, increasing sales, developing an on-line community, increasing market share, building brand awareness ). WHAT does success look like? Set clear strategic S.M.A.R.T. objectives in table format. (CLO 1, 3, 5).
  • HOW (20%) This section is about the digital marketing tactics you will use to deliver on your startegy (for example, build a website, social media content creation, SEO etc.) Provide a description of HOW the digital marketing plan will be implemented, including a description of platform use and digital marketing tactics. In table format, provide an action plan, including responsibilities, timeline, budgets and the measures/KPIs you will (CLO 2, 5)
  • Professional Standard (10%) A logical and clear argument in appropriate business language and Correct referencing and citing of high-quality sources from the course. (CLO 3, 5)
  • Industry Feedback (5%) Feedback on the plan must be included as an Feedback must outline the name, contact details, and the feedback received. (CLO 5)
  • Feedback Reflection (15%) Demonstrate reflection on feedback (CLO 5)

Assessment details

This assignment is real and live. You are required to write a strategic digital marketing plan, to be executed this semester and evidenced in your Assignment 2. You need to plan several digital marketing implementations that you can reasonably execute within the timeframe of a semester. Tactical implementations in your portfolio may include:

  • Social media content creation
  • Creating a new website
  • Improvements to an existing website
  • Registrations of digital assets (website) with Google
  • Search Engine Marketing (i.e. improve Google rankings)
  • Optimisation for mobile
  • IoT utilisation
  • Data-driven approaches, usage of analytics
  • IMC; combining online/offline strategies

Still trying to decide what implementations to plan? Then, have a look at this excellent overview of Digital Marketing Channels Download excellent overview of Digital Marketing Channels prepared by one of our teachers, Katya Ellis.

Formatting your plan

Your plan should follow a standard marking plan format - as you would be familiar with from other marketing courses you have completed. While there is no particular analysis required for your plan, it is important to address the central questions in the marking rubric: "why, who & what" for strategy and "how" for tactics. However, given the limited word count, it is advised to focus on relevant information and avoid unnecessary details. Remember that different businesses have unique needs and requirements, so tailor your plan accordingly.

You should use headings that are suitable for your needs and approach. "Why, Who, What & How" should not be used as headings.

You have three options to execute your assignment and find an industry professional to work with:

  • Option 1: Find a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) on your own or apply for one of our SME programs.
  • Option 2: Brand yourself as a future graduate and employment seeker
  • Option 3: Start your own small business

Option 1: SME

Find any SME willing to allow you to implement digital marketing for them this semester. The business must deliver real goods/services to real customers. It may be a not-for- profit, but the business must be operational at the semester start. Design a strategic digital marketing plan and demonstrate how your plan will create value for customers/clients/ target audiences. You must reflect on the SME’s feedback about your implementation approaches in your strategic plan. You need to provide the SME you work for with a detailed plan outlining your proposed Digital Marketing implementations for the semester. You need to obtain consent from the SME to execute your plan and feedback on how they view your proposal. Feedback from the SME must be included in your submission.

Option 2: Brand yourself

The alternative to working with an SME is to brand yourself as a (soon-to-be) graduate and job seeker. For this option, you will build a seamless online portfolio aimed at where you are seeking employment as a graduate. You may brand yourself as a digital marketing consultant – showcasing the skills and knowledge gained through this course, or aim more narrowly towards exactly where you want to work. You must carefully plan an online portfolio demonstrating what value you have to offer your ‘target market’ of potential employers. It is an ideal task for those students keen to build an online presence to enhance their employability in the near future. Finally, you need to identify a mentor to give you feedback on your plan. The mentor must be someone with demonstrated experience in digital marketing. Feedback from the mentor must be included in your submission.

Option 3: Start your own small business

Perhaps you have an idea for a business you would like to start? Or maybe you already own a small business you wish to expand? You may set up a business in any industry you want – but your business MUST deliver tangible goods/services to real consumers before the end of the semester. As such, this is the most challenging and time- consuming option, requiring you to build a real functional business within the semester. However, it is the ideal option for the entrepreneur who wishes to get the most out of this course. For this option, you must also identify a mentor to give you feedback on your plan. The mentor must be someone with demonstrated experience in digital marketing. Feedback from the mentor must be included in your submission.

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