MKTG1071 Strategic Marketing - Assignment 1: Situation Analysis

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Assignment 1: Situation analysis (A)

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Type:           Written: Pairs or individual only

Length:           Report 1500 words (+/- 10%) This does not include words in tables

Weighting: 30%

Due date:         Week 5 - Friday August 18, 5pm AEST

Please note that there are compulsory reports that must be incorporated into your assignments this semester. You can find them here Links to an external site. and they will be useful in many sections. Follow this link to LOVISA Links to an external site., the company you will be working on this semester.


For this assignment you will focus on the 'Context' component of the 5C framework (see here for an overview Links to an external site.). Make sure you follow the course models and frameworks to guide your research, and base your analysis on current and credible information from RMIT databases and industry reports. It is important that you reference these correctly. Follow this link to some great resources to get you started Links to an external site.

Learning outcomes

  • CLO1: Identify problems and questions in relation to contemporary strategic marketing and be aware of strategies to investigate
  • CLO2: Critically evaluate advanced strategic tools, concepts and theories and understand the complexities associated with the application of these in marketing
  • CLO3: Apply marketing theory in business settings and broader social contexts with intellectual
  • CLO5: Work on complex multidisciplinary projects with minimal supervisory oversight and articulate Assignment details

Assignment format details

1.     Company background

Develop a timeline of the company’s history, development and growth and then provide a brief description of the current situation / environment. There is no analysis or evaluation required in this section and the company’s web site, and general a Google search can usually provide what you need.


There are two things you need to know about doing a PESTLE in this course. 1) it is a global scan, and 2), you are looking for opportunities and threats that will impact on the company over the next three to five years.

To start, review the material in relevant module folder. Links to an external site. Next, set up a table for the PESTLE and start populating each row with current and credible information from RMIT databases and industry reports Links to an external site.. Add a discussion after the table that evaluates and analyses the information in the table. After the discussion, add another table that summarizes the opportunities and threats you have found.

3. Five force analysis

Review the material in relevant module folder. Links to an external site. Next, set up a table for the Five force industry analysis. This is an Australian focus, not global; it is also NOW, not three to five years out. Again, use current and credible information, add a discussion that evaluates and analyzes the information in the table, then include another table with the opportunities and threats you have found.

4. Summary and preliminary analysis

Here you will synthesize the findings from your PESTLE and Five forces and discuss how the PESTLE factors will impact on each of the Five forces going forward. You may also find more opportunities and threats while doing this and if so, add a table with these after your discussion.

Watch the assignment talk and see the assessment checklist before submitting your work.


Step 1: Start doing preliminary research on the company background

Step 2: Identify the industry the company operates in and start reviewing the compulsory reports Links to an external site. and searching the databases for industry relevant reports and data

Step 3: Set up some tables in a Google doc or Sharepoint and place each model component in a row. That is, you will have one for ‘P’ and one for ‘E’ and so on. You can then start populating the table with the information as you go along and also include the appropriate references.

Step 4: Stand back and start thinking about what your findings mean and write your discussion

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