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Following from the Assessment 1 brief you need to develop a marketing report for the same client. The focus of this marketing report is to review and analyse your client's marketing strategies. This includes identifying a target market, creating a positioning statement as well as a marketing mix analysis. Then utilising the information gained from the Assessment 1 situational analysis, combined with applying the marketing principles you have learned in the subject, develop a concise outline of marketing strategy recommendations to assist your client in growing the business.


Develop a marketing report basecfon the following sections:

a. Cover Page including:

+ Business name

+ Student Identifier (name and number) + Subject code and name

+ Date of submission

+ Facilitator name

b. Table of contents

c. Brief introduction

d. Target Market Profile. Develop a target market profile applying two (2) variables for each of the following segmentation elements: demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioural elements. Note: Your business may target more than one market and if so, focus on what you think is the largest target market.

e. Positioning Statement. Develop a positioning statement for the client highlighting the values and benefits offered by the brand to consumers. This may be derived from evaluating the client's website and rnarketing communications in order to complete the "Moore positioning statement" (template below):

For: (target customers)

Who must: (solve a specific problem or fulfil a need)

Our product is a: (describe product or solution)

That provides: (key breakthrough benefit which solves the problem and/or a reason to believe)

Unlike: (reference direct competitors)

Our product /solution offers: (describe the key point of competitive differentiation)

f. Analysis of the Current Marketing Mix. Analyse the variables that Include applications of:

  1. Product strategy.

+ Identification/suggestion of the three levels of product

+ Product classification

+ Identification/suggestion of the product portfolio (width, depth and lines)

Pricing strategies

Application/suggestion of at least 2 (two) relevant Pricing strategtes that may be used by the business and associated terminobgies/concepts.


+ identification/suggestion of at least 1 (one) marketing/distribution channel strategy used and apply associated terrninologies/concePts.


+ identification and description of at least 3 promotional tools used by the business including relevant application of associated terminologies /concepts.

g. Recommendations. Identify at least 4 (four) marketing recommendations based on the situational analysis and applying key concepts and marketing principles covered in the rnodules. These recommendations should relate to any/or all of the elements of the marketing mix (Product, Price, Place, Promotion). You may also include discussion of the targeting, positioning and branding if changes are recommended.

h. References

+ A minimum of 4 credible and reliable sources should be used in your research + As this is a report, appropriate headings and sub-headings should be used in your writ,

+ The reference list must be compiled using APA 7th ed.

+ Please refer to the marking rubric at the end of this brief for grading details

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