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Assessment 1 Instructions – MGT5IPM

Type: Individual

Document: MS Word, 12 font and 1.5 spacing

Word count: 1,000 (10%+/-)

Weight: 20%

Submission: Turnitin

Feedback: After 15 working days


Kangaroo Flat Ltd, headquartered in Melbourne, is a renowned Australian manufacturer specialising in creating intricate products for the aviation sector. Research and development teams located in Karachi, Madrid, and Ulaanbaatar are poised to expand their presence to additional international sites.

Your expertise as a consultant is sought to guide the gold standard for overseeing the remote teams that play a pivotal role in product development.

  • Drawing from the cultural dimensions laid out by Trompenaars and Hofstede, your assignment is to pinpoint five key cultural distinctions that warrant attention during the planning stages of global projects.
  • For each identified cultural difference, deliberate on the possible consequences if managed with cultural sensitivity.
  • For each concern, recommend one strategy to alleviate the potential fallout from these cultural disparities.

Your insights will serve the present international branches and any that Kangaroo Flat Ltd might inaugurate in the forthcoming days.


Your assignment is to delve into the components that make up the Project Execution Plan (PEP) in global project management, particularly the possibilities of cross-cultural miscommunications due to differing cultural anticipations surrounding these components. This document is intended for use within Kangaroo Flat Ltd., so it must be coherently organised and presented professionally. Ensure that you weave in theoretical concepts from this course and your research findings into your report. Reports that aren't anchored in solid theoretical frameworks and reputable research are less likely to achieve a high score.


Craft your response in a Word document, targeting a length of around 1,000 words, with a flexibility of +/- 10%, not counting the reference list. Your report should be organised to guide the reader through your points logically. Using the Harvard citation method, it's essential to cite at least eight academic sources. Before you commence with this assignment, take a moment to review the marking criteria outlined in the Assessment 1 rubric.

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