MGT5IPM International Project Management - Assessment 2: Group Report

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Assessment 2 – MGT5IPM

Type: Group Report

Particulars: MS Word Document

Word count: 1,000 words per student (excluding the cover page, executive summary, table of contents and the list of references).

Referencing style: Harvard referencing style

Weight: 30%

Due: Friday, 29 SEPT @ 1159 PM AEST


Your team has been hired as a consultant to assist the Managing Director, Ms Carol Kaye, of the ‘Happy Marino’ – a Marino wool farm in Tasmania, Australia. After almost 20 years of producing Marino fleece, Ms Kaye is looking to start production of high-quality yarn products in Indonesia in 2024. This will require her company to establish a manufacturing facility in Indonesia.

Your task is to: 

  • Present a Risk Management Plan, which has been required of Ms Kaye by her Board of Directors to get approval to proceed with the construction of the manufacturing facility. Your team of consultants will need to present this plan to Ms Kaye in a professional report format.
  • Ms Kaye needs to know what risk categories are dealt with in a Risk Management Plan and how different elements are prioritised. Your report should include references to appropriate tools and theory, the justifications of why certain risks need planning, and any other issues you believe are essential to address.
  • Please use materials from the subject and academic and professional publications (relevant and recent journal articles and books) to inform your discussion. We advise against using popular websites as the information contained within is frequently incorrect, which may jeopardise the project’s success. A minimum of 8 references per student should be used to ensure a passing mark.

Weeks 6 and 7 directly relate to this assessment. If you feel out of your depth with too many unknowns and uncertainties – or even a feeling of ‘I don’t know what I am doing’ – welcome to the world of project management. It is not uncommon for managers to venture into a discipline they are unfamiliar with and have to learn ‘on the run’. Between the PMBoK reference, the Modules and your own research, there should be more than sufficient information for you to tackle this task.

We are looking for the thinking that supports your decisions and recommendations and the underpinning logic, not just how well you can repeat what you have been taught or have read.

Report Format

  1. Cover page with the topic and group members’ names
  2. Executive summary (less than a page, in paragraphs and bullet points, summarising the important points)
  3. Table of contents
  4. Introduction
  5. Risk management plan (include subheadings as required)
  6. Conclusion 7. List of references (listed in alphabetical order and Harvard referencing style

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