MGT4003 Management of Service Supply Chain and Operations

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Students are to:

  1. Choose one of the recommended areas identified in Assessment 2 and;
  2. Drawing on relevant literature, analyse the issues and develop a detailed intervention plan (i.e. solutions to overcome such issues).

The intervention plan should:

  1. Demonstrate how models, tools and techniques covered in the course could be used in the analysis and implementation of the recommendation. It needs to specifically detail what sort of analysis would be needed to implement practical steps to address the areas identified by the recommendation for improvement;
  2. Where possible, students should attempt to use realistic information and if actual information from of the organisation is not available then proxy information can be used to demonstrate the sort of logic that might be applied if this information was available; and
  3. Where possible, students should also clarify the potential cost of interventions and how this compares to the potential benefits. While a detailed cost benefit analysis would not be possible there needs to be some awareness of the relationship between the intervention cost and its potential organisational economic and strategic impact. The discussion should also be related to either environmental or social sustainability or both.

This assessment includes two components:

  • Non-assessable hurdle component – Verbal presentation, due in class on the 3rd and/or 4th day of the Intensive. While not assessable, the presentation is an opportunity for students to receive feedback on the report draft. Students who do not present without eligible exemptions will forgo this assignment.
  • Assessable component – Written Report, due Sunday at the end of Week 12 by 23:59 AEST

For this component, you should ensure that you draw upon a minimum of 15 readings from the academic literature; a minimum of 6 of these readings must be peer-reviewed academic journal articles in the last 5 years. Please ensure you acknowledge the source of the references by using APA7 Referencing Style.

The assignment needs to be submitted in a report format. Therefore, it is mandatory that it has an executive summary, table of contents, introduction, follows a logical structure, makes comprehensive recommendations, and has a conclusion section.

  • The word limit is 2500 words, excluding text in tables, appendices and bibliography. A tolerance of 10% is allowed without penalty. Violations of word limit will attract 5% of the assessment’s actual mark.
  • You should look at the Marking Rubric so you understand the criteria that will be used to assess your work.
  • For questions and discussions about any aspect of this assessment, you should go to the relevant Q&A Forum and post there.
  • Students are required to submit their reports using only a single MS-Word file, which should contain their analysis, results, and discussion. No other format is acceptable.
  • Due- 11:59pm 15Dec, Friday.

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