MGT4003 Management of Service Supply Chain and Operations- Assessment 2: Technical Report

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Assessment 2: This assessment is to be completed individually. 

Given the service quality issue and the associated company in Assessment 1, students are to produce a report which includes the following key components:

  1. A brief background about the company
  2. Conceptualisation of the company’s supply chain of the chosen service provision
  3. Identification of potential problems/issues of the supply chain (including both existing, and potential challenges due to emerging trends in the field. Sustainability is a must); and
  4. Recommendations to overcome the identified problems/challenges.

For this component, you should ensure that you draw upon a minimum of 15 readings from the academic literature; a minimum of 6 of these readings must be peer-reviewed academic journal articles in the last 5 years. Please ensure you acknowledge the source of the references by using APA7 Referencing Style.

The assignment needs to be submitted in a report format. Therefore, it is mandatory that it has an executive summary, table of contents, introduction, follows a logical structure, makes comprehensive recommendations, and has a conclusion section.

  • The word limit is 2500 words, excluding text in tables, appendices and bibliography. A tolerance of 10% is allowed without penalty. Violations of word limit will attract 5% of the assessment’s actual mark.
  • You should look at the Marking Rubric so you understand the criteria that will be used to assess your work.
  • For questions and discussions about any aspect of this assessment, you should go to the relevant Q&A Forum and post there.
  • Students are required to submit their reports using only a single MS-Word file, which should contain their analysis, results, and discussion. No other format is acceptable.

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