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The purpose of this task is to assess your understanding of ethical models through their application to real-life scenarios.

Task details

For this task you are required to write a 2200-word response to a case study that will be provided. You will analyse the case and present your responses in report format.


Based on the case study provided, analyse the case and respond to the following:

  1. When looking at modelling character and values, what values did Stumpf model to Wells Fargo employees? What impact might that have been on the culture of Wells Fargo?
  2. When we speak about Encouraging Ethical Conduct, what behaviours can leader's model in order to encourage ethical behaviour in their organisation?
  3. Wells Fargo did have some systems in place, like the ethics hotline, to report unethical behaviour but clearly did not work. Why do you think that is? What steps can leaders take to design systems within their organisations that encourage ethical behaviour rather than unethical behaviour?
  4. What should Business leaders take away from this scandal? (Use two ethical theories to justify your answer)
  5. What could Wells Fargo have done differently to avert this scandal and cultural meltdown?

Your responses should be presented in the structure of a report, as follows:

  1. Title Page (Including your full name, student ID, workshop date/time and workshop facilitator's name)
  2. Table of contents
  3. Introduction
  4. Main body (addressing all items listed above)
  5. Conclusion
  6. References (using at least 10 references including academic journals, books, industry sources and newspaper articles and media sources). Note, you must use APA7

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