MGT2001 - Assessment 1: Design a Short Handbook

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Assessment 1: Details and instructions

  1. Undertake a workforce planning and assessment exercise and conduct a job analysis, design, and evaluation
  2. Examine the social, legal, and ethical factors that drive recruitment and selection processes
Assessment 1 Design a short handbook
Due date 11.59 pm (AEST/AEDT), Sunday Week 4
Weighting 20%
Word count/length 1000 words
(+/-10%; The reference list is not included in the word count, but in-text citations are)
SILOs 1. Undertake a workforce planning and assessment exercise and conduct a job analysis, design, and evaluation2. Examine the social, legal, and ethical factors that drive recruitment and selection processes
Feedback Written feedback will be available within three weeks of the due date.


Being able to undertake a job analysis and description will enable you to work effectively in all HR professional roles, particularly as a recruitment officer. This task also help you to develop your research skills because you will need to collect, analyse, and interpret the data that you gather. If you enjoy doing this task, you can think about doing an Honours after your Bachelor degree.

Task details

Imagine that you have secured your dream job as a HR graduate at Hazel Hen.

Hazel Hen is Australia’s favourite take away chicken shop and has served the Australian community delicious roast chicken and sides (for example, hot chips and salad) for over 50 years.  The company’s main competitors are Red Rooster, McDonalds and other fast-food outlets.

The company employs a retailer-retailer franchise model.  Under this business model, the franchisor sells their product or services through a network of franchisees, who all use a common name and a standard set of systems and processes – so no matter which Hazel Hen Restaurant you visit, it will have the same menu and standards.  All Hazel Hen restaurants look the same and will share the same branding, logos and marketing.  All employees will wear standard uniforms and will be trained by Head Office.

This job is an amazing opportunity for you, and you are keen to impress!  You are working at Hazel Hen’s Head Office, and report directly to the Executive Director of People and Culture, Dr Vera Wing.  Dr Wing has asked you to work on an important project for the company.  Dr Wing would like the franchisees to undertake a job analysis of crew members across a sample of 20 stores in Victoria.  Crew members at Hazel Hen prepare and serve deliciously food and create memorable customer experiences through every interaction. They are required to maintain a well presented, clean and safe restaurant whilst utilising strong time management and multi-tasking skills during the peak periods in the restaurants.

Design a short handbook for franchisees, outlining the steps they will undertake to complete a job analysis for this particular role. The job analyses undertaken by franchisees will inform the design of this role in the future and the training and development provided to current and future crew members.


Your handbook should focus on five key points:

  1. What type of information should be obtained about the job?
  2. Who is best placed to provide the information?
  3. What are the best methods for gathering job-related information?  Consider how you can minimise inaccuracies in the job data you collect.
  4. Suggest some ways that the data could be organised and analysed?
  5. Providing an example job description of the role of crew member at Hazel Hen, as a model for franchisees to follow.

In your handbook, you do not need to include any academic references. Use the five points above as subheadings in the handbook. The Handbook should include a brief introduction and conclusion that is relevant to the audience – the franchisees.

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