MGT1OBE Organisational Behaviour - Assessment 3: Final Individual Assignment

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Assignment Task:

This individual assignment accounts for 40% of your total subject grade. Its purpose is to get you to reflect on one of your own previous experiences of teamwork and engage with the Organisational Behaviour (OB) literature.

Assignment Instructions:

Recall a time when you collaborated as part of a team. For example, you might have worked on a team assignment in a student group, or worked on a team project at a current or previous job.

Reflect on your experience in that team and complete t following three tasks.

(A)    Write a summary of your learning and insights from your experience. Provide some background of your group (e.g. describe the team composition, purpose of the team, etc) and critically discuss what you learned from the experience. For example, were there any surprises or unexpected discoveries? How has this experience contributed to your personal, professional, or academic growth?

(B)    Drawing on one key concept, theory, or framework from Topic 9 in this subject, identify and explain one challenge or obstacle to team performance you encountered. Discuss what could have been done to eliminate or reduce the identified barrier(s) to team performance.

(C)    Drawing on one key concept, theory, or framework from Topic 10 of this subject, analyse the contrasting dynamics of two of your team members and compare the effectiveness of each member's styles. (You may include yourself as one of the two team members analysed).

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