MGT100 Organisations and Management

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Assessment item 4 - Final Exam

Value: 50%

Due Date: To be advised. Your exam timetable ( timetable) will be released via the Student Portal. Check dates for the exam period and your responsibilities (

Reading time is 10 minutes

Duration (excluding Technology Allowance): 2 hours No technology allowance

Exam Type: Online exam

Submission method options: Interact2

Invigilated: Yes


This exam is an Interact 2 exam and therefore will auto submit at the end of the allowable time. The standard Academic Misconduct considerations apply to this assessment item.


The MGT100 Exam will be an on-line invigilated exam and will be accessible via the MGT100 Interact site. The exact timetable will be communicated later in the session.

This On-line exam is under examination conditions. So this means you must not speak to or contact any other MGT100 students or persons (except for your subject coordinator). You are not to use any communication means (e.g., Facebook, Skype, zoom, mobile phone, emails, MGT100 discussion board, face-to-face meetings etc.).

If it is found that collusion has occurred then you and any other student/s involved will be reported for alleged academic misconduct and appropriate action taken. The Online exam must be solely your own work.

Exam Details

  1. The exam consists of six (6) Students are required to answer any four (4) of those questions
  2. Two of these questions are based on a short case study.
  3. The word limit for each exam question response is 500 words, plus or minus 10% (a total of 2,000 words +/- 10% for all four question responses)
  4. The marked exam will not be returned to students.

Sample exam paper

You are encouraged to complete this subject's sample exam ( file/2a33f0f5-b5d3-4bac-b7fb-dc374da16143/1/ MGT100%20Sample%20Exam%20with%20Solutions.pdf)in preparation for the end-of-session exam.



This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to research and compare various sources of information about management.
  • be able to express opinions on management issues with clarity, from both personal and more objective positions that are backed up with sound evidence and analysis.
  • be able to apply management theory in order to analyse management dilemmas and problems, and provide recommendations for action.

This assessment tests your

  • understanding and application of the theories and concepts covered Topics 6-11 in this subject
  • ability to analyse management dilemmas and problems and provide recommendations for action

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