MGMT3002 Assignment 1: Work Integrated Project Report

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1: ASSIGNMENT 1: Work Integrated Project Report. 35% (2500 words)

PURPOSE: Refers to Lectures 1-5. Provides you with an opportunity to apply relevant change theory to an organisational change situation (intervention). You are required to analyse, interpret and evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of a change process in an organisation by using data gained via an interview. THE INTERVIEW IS PROVIDED TO YOU. Your discussion is presented in a Report format – using available theory, concepts and analytical thinking.


  1. You are required to identify the process of 'change intervention’ as experienced by an ordinary industry / organisation / businessThe Case is presented by way of an Interview which provides the data for the discussion that follows. The Interview uses seven questions to elicit the information Study the questions closely – as you examine the responses.
    1. DETERMINEwhy the change intervention was
      • EG: Management react to an external force with a planned programme of change intervention in order to deal with problem. For example: sales are going down (a situation necessitating some form of action). You must identify the action/s or intervention/s taken by the company to stop the decline and increase sales such as training of sales This will be regarded as a planned change intervention.
      • OR - eg: A change that was proactively introducede. the company did not necessarily have a demand for change, but management have been pro-active in introducing change to create better efficiencies or increased market share. For example - Deciding to introduce flexible work rosters where there were none before to better suit their workforce and thereby increase productivity.
    2. ANALYSE and interpret the data gathered (The Case).
    3. Write a carefully considered report on the change and change intervention by responding to the five sections below. [A Report Format must be followed, see Assessments Tab on BB for guidance]:

B: Focus of the Report:

The following FIVE sections become the focus (body) of your discussionCritically analyse and discuss as they relate to the change and/or change intervention in the Case:

  • Briefly describe the ‘change’ situation (what forced / drove the organisation to change things?).
  • Describe the subsequent ‘change action or intervention’ undertaken by management Identifying:
    1. The internal and external drivers of the change (situation).
    2. Decide and substantiate therefore if the nature of the change was planned or


  1. Explain the rationale and objectives of the change intervention according to the goals of the management (include Strategy theory here).
  • Suggest two relevant change perspective(s) that management did use - or could have used to better analyse the need and direction for change in the
  • Describe the interviewee’s underlying assumptions about the change before it took place.
    1. how did they and colleagues feel, think, react to the talk of, or need for, the proposed changes?
    2. What examples of resistance from employees / colleagues were observed during the change implementation? (Speak of co-operation or any negative behaviour that was

felt / observed by the interviewee). From what levels or sections of the organisation was this resistance?

  • After the change eventExplain what the interviewee now thinks of the changes that took place.
    1. How difficult or successful was the change intervention process? (What were the challenges? How was the organisation limited in its ability to make the change?).
    2. Did management achieve their intended outcomes? Were their strategies correct? Why / why not?
    3. How did people feel once the changes were in place?

In your discussion, support your views with evidence (‘quotes’) from your interview (data). We expect that your responses to the issues indicated in points 1 to 5 above will be supported by course theory and other peer-reviewed research commentary.

C: Formatting and Referencing requirements:

The length of your report should be 2500 words ± 10% (excluding the reference list), font Arial; font size 11; all page margins 2.5 cm; line spacing: 1,5. Marks will be deducted if students do not follow the word count guidelines.

Source requirements:

  1. You should use at least EIGHT (8) credible reference sources, correctly cited and Reference Sources include:
  2. “Academic/Scholarly” articles appearing in See in this regard the list of major academic journals available in the library. The majority of your sources should be derived from such journals with a minimum of Five (5) journal articles or other relevant academic texts. There is no maximum. In addition please note:
  3. single (one) internet source may be used in addition to the Five (5) academic (Electronic journals, accessed through the library, are considered as relevant reference sources). A penalty will be incurred if more than one non- academic internet source is used. Avoid internet sources that do not have the author and the publisher’s names. Note also that Wikipedia is NOT allowed.
  4. All sources should be cited and referenced in accordance with the Chicago version 17b referencing style.

D: Assignment 1 Marking Criteria:

Please refer to Blackboard and use your RUBRIK to guide your best responses.

·  Assignment is to be submitted electronically to Turnitin.

  • Graduate capabilities assessed: 1; 2;

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