INTE2558 Technology Futures - Assessment 2: Future Technology Opportunity Report

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Assessment Brief


In this assessment you will develop a report on the new technologies and business opportunities you discussed in Assessment 1 from people and process perspective and explore what should the Executive implement as the second phase, once the team has completed the first phase. You need to examine whether the business needs to adapt to accommodate the new technology. This will involve analysing the impact of implementing technology on business functions within the organisation (such as organisational planning, decision making, control and stakeholder relationships) and identifying what new digital skills and capabilities development the business/company has to consider as it embarks on a digital transformation process.

This assessment will develop your ability to develop solutions that are sustainable and successful by considering the broader organisational impact of implementing new technologies in a business.

To be successful in this assessment you will refine your understanding of the business value proposition and propose a revised ‘value proposition’ to improve the business model by implementing new and emerging digital technologies.

Learning Outcomes

The targeted Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) for this assessment are:

  • CLO1: Critically evaluate current and emerging developments in technologies and related opportunities and challenges.
  • CLO2: Appraise the implications of technological changes on managerial functions including planning, decision making, control, and coordination and the relationships with stakeholders.

Marking Criteria

This assessment will measure your ability to:

  • Recognise the impact of current and emerging technology and the digital economy on the future of business (30%).
  • Apply critical thinking and evidence to challenge assumptions and contestable perspectives (30%).
  • Use evidence and examples (20%).
  • Communicate effectively (20%).

Assessment Details

In assessment 1, you investigated possible applications of new technologies (AI, Blockchain etc.) in the company. For this assessment, you will first evaluate the potential impact of the six possible banking applications for AI or Blockchain (1 to 6 in the case study provided) in areas such as stakeholder relationships, planning, decision making, control, and coordination. Then you must make recommendations based on the assumption that the company’s executive team decided to evaluate possible applications for AI and Blockchain in the following areas:

  • Strengthening customer service and building trusting relationships with stakeholders
  • Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of managerial functions such as planning, decision making, control and coordination

You will discuss whether and how the business could achieve the following objectives by investing in AI and/or Blockchain:

  • Improve customer trust
  • Reduce ‘hidden costs’
  • Increase personalisation and strengthen relationships with stakeholders (e.g. put customers first by providing value, security, and privacy)
  • Assist the company in operating transparently by offering timely and clear

Finally, you are also required to explain what new digital skills and capabilities development the company will need to consider as they embark on a digital transformation process.

Report structure

Your report should be structured as standard business report and should use a minimum of eight academic references. Please refer to RMIT Learning Lab resources on report writing for guidance.


If you have any questions, check the course materials to see if they have already been answered. If not post your question or alternatively ask your teacher in your workshops.

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