INT204 - Week 6 Reflective Activity


In this activity, you will be reviewing a strategy plan.

This activity will help you to achieve Unit Learning Outcomes:

  1. LO3 Demonstrate an understanding on the structure, roles and processes of governance.
  2. LO4 Demonstrate a high level of understanding of leadership and motivational theories and foundations of decision making in leadership
  3. LO5 Describe the management functions of planning, leading, organising and controlling leadership.


To complete this task:

Review the Strategic Plan 2019-2022 of the Victorian Agency for Health Information and answer the following questions (300-350 words):

  1. What is the purpose/purposes underlying the 'Mission'?
  2. Identify a 'Measure of Success' and discuss whether it captures the 'Initiative' and 'Outcome' intended to measure.
  3. Do you think the 'Values' are a  response to the issues identified in the Targeting Zero report?

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