INT204 Introduction to Management in Community Services - Assessment 1: Case Studies

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Assessment 1: Case Studies covering Fundamental Concepts (25%)

Due Date: Sunday Week 5 11:59 PM

The goal of this assessment is to test your knowledge and comprehension of some fundamental concepts and terms used in community services management.

Assessment instructions and marking criteria to be provided during Week 3 of the trimester.

Assessment Completion of three case studies
Format Students are required to analyse three case studies. All case studies address material from the readings, lectures and class tutorials between Weeks 3-5Word count: 900 -1200 words.Your assessment must be submitted through Turnitin and must adhere to the College’s academic integrity and authorship requirements.

You must use APA 7 referencing and include a minimum of 5 references.

Criteria Correct analysis of the case studies
Generic skills assessed Information literacy

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