Imagine that you work in an organisation or business, that has a turn over below $100million, in the sector that you focused on in Assessment 1 and 2

Assignment #3 - Part 1 Instructions

Part 1 - Scenario Analysis

Length: 2,000 words (+/10%) [This does not include reference list, or appendices]. You can include your system map from Assignment #2 as an Appendix.

This assessment draws together the three modules of the unit. Responsible Business involves being able to make ethical decisions that increasingly need to take into account a range of other criteria focussing on people and planet, while also paying attention to profit. However, much of this decision-making happens amidst uncertainty and complexity, where it becomes difficult to determine the ‘right thing to do’.

In order to help you with this, we provided you with a framework to aid the decision-making process.

In Module 1 we examined ethical frameworks and asked you to form your own view of right and wrong in relation to a specific issue: modern slavery. In Module 2 we asked you to consider the causes of modern slavery, by developing a systems map to identify the factors and actors who contribute to the problem.

This process demonstrated the role that organisations can have which sometimes help, but which may also inadvertently contribute to the problem.
Having clarified your own personal values and developed an understanding of the nature of the problem, you are now in a position to make decisions.

Decisions are complex: one way of reducing complexity is to base your decision-making around a set of possible scenarios.

Your Task
Imagine that you work in an organisation or business, that has a turn over below $100million, in the sector that you focused on in Assessment 1 and 2. The organisation/business has developed a reputation for its ethical practice. The Management Team has approached you because they have identified a problem. An informal internal operational review has indicated that your organisation has inadvertently been implicated in relation to modern slavery practices (e.g. a key supplier to your organisation has engaged in the practice, or there is evidence of historic involvement by your organisation).

The Management Team has outlined four scenarios (see below). They have asked you to examine each scenario from a range of ethical perspectives, such as legal compliance and risk, as well as identify the potential impact (consequences) of each scenario. After careful consideration of the scenarios, they would like you to recommend one scenario that you feel is the best course of action to pursue.

You will need to deliver your advice and reflection in the form of a Report, discussed after the scenarios below)

While there are many ways of approaching scenario planning, the Management Team has developed a number of possible scenarios, each of which appear to be equally possible, not necessarily equally beneficial for the organisation.

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