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Specific Task Instructions

The instructions and the criteria in the tasks and activities will be used by your Teacher/Assessor to determine if you have satisfactorily completed this assessment event. Use these instructions as a guide to ensure you demonstrate the required knowledge and skills.

You may have the option to record your participation and submit as video evidence. If you are submitting video evidence, you must:

  • Provide a video clearly meeting all requirements listed below and in the Observation Checklist
  • Ensure you have access to the equipment and resources required to participate in the demonstration
  • Follow the Video recording instructions (pdf) (Long URL: https://share.tafensw.edu.au/share/items/744af7d4-a241-45e2-adb0-0e13f2fe4950/0/?attachment.uuid=01c3c87a-4599-48c2-91f0-68a00b5bbb4c) which includes useful tips, links to resources and a demonstration video.


Gelos Enterprises (Gelos) have recently signed a support contract with you and this week the ICT Support Senior Manager, Madison Mathews called you in as one of their running operations suddenly stopped working.

According to Madison, ever since they updated their operating system, they were not able to access certain websites which is causing an issue in approving the orders that needs to go in production.

This is a business-critical operation for them which is being overcome by their department by manually approving the orders which is also causing a lot of delays.

Part 1 – Review client support and resolution requirements

Madison has asked for your assistance in identifying and resolve the website access issue. She has also introduced you to one of her colleagues, Peter Dan who looks after the networking infrastructure.

Task 1

In this task you need to determine:

  1. What steps will you take to troubleshoot the problem?
  2. Once you identify the problem, how will you determine the root-cause?
  3. What steps are you going to take to identify the point of contact and understand the resolution requirements?
  4. What actions are you going to take to maintain the SLA with Gelos?

Part 2 – Develop and implement client support resolution requirements

Task 1

Now that you’ve communicated to Gelos’ staff about the issues, it’s time for you to implement the solution. What steps are you going to take to?

  1. Implement the process required for client support and resolution requirements.
  2. Ensure the communication throughout your support activity.
  3. Document the steps you take to resolve the specific problem.

Part 3 – Evaluate client support and resolution requirements

Task 1

After your resolution, Gelos Enterprises are back to the business with their systems accessing all the required websites as per their needs. You need to evaluate how your support went with them along with their overall experience of ticket resolution. What actions are you going to take to achieve this in the light of following:

  1. How will you gather the feedback from the client?
  2. What tools are you going to use to determine the correct metrics of your support
  3. What actions are you going to take respond on the client’s feedback?

Part 4 – Role Play

Task 1

To complete this part of the assessment, you will participate in a role play with the aid of a colleague, peer or friend to demonstrate your ability to complete skills-based tasks to industry standards.

If you are completing your course on campus, the role play will be observed by your Teacher/Assessor, or you may digitally record and submit as video evidence.

If you are completing your course online, the role play will need to be digitally recorded and submitted as video evidence.

Your demonstration will be used as part of the overall evidence requirements of the unit.

Read all instructions carefully and complete all requirements in this section of the assessment. In addition, you may refer to the checklist, which your Teacher/Assessor will use to record your results.

Once completed you will need to submit this assessment to your Teacher/Assessor for marking.

Role play scenario 1: Support ticket

The Gelos has escalated one of the support tickets to your ICT Support Senior Manager, Madison Mathews and she just forwarded you that to action on priority, considering the nature of Gelos’ business.

You will need to analyse the support ticket with your manager, one of your team members and the point of contact from Gelos.

You need to diagnose the problem, its root cause and then propose a solution to them.

As an outcome of this meeting, your manager will make recommendations to implement that change and seek an approval for this from Gelos.

The agenda for the Team Review meeting should be as follows:

  • introduction of the items to be covered
  • discussion of the incident at the client site which involves questions to troubleshoot
  • exploration of the potential root cause of the incidents
  • recommendation and agreement for the solution.

Role of the student being assessed

During your role play you must demonstrate the following skills:

  • Ask open and closed questions, use active listening and use language and terminology to suit your audience
  • Facilitate the group interaction, leading and directing when required
  • Review the current situation of the system on working collaboratively in a virtual environment.
  • Obtain feedback from the team on the steps of troubleshooting and identification of its root cause responding as appropriate.
  • Review the incident and collaborate with your team members to:
    1. evaluate the effectiveness of the troubleshooting strategy
    2. evaluate whether the root cause identified is correct or not
    3. develop recommendations to solve the problem.
  • Escalate any non-compliance to your Manager, where required.
  • Collaborate with others to achieve a joint outcome

Role/s of the person/s in supporting roles

Ask a friend, colleague or another student to act in the supporting role. Make sure each role has the scenario instructions to work from. Ensure there is enough information so that they can effectively contribute to the demonstration.

This role play will require the following roles:

  1. Your manager, the ICT Support Senior Manager, Madison Mathews
  2. The point of contact from Gelos
  3. Other Gelos staff members

Part 5 – Final Report

To complete this part of the assessment, prepare a report on Part (1-4) by updating the feedback and/or comments you received during the role play task from the other stakeholders and complete the table below

Document your report using the template provided below.

Once completed, submit this assessment to your Teacher/Assessor for marking.

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