ICTICT517 Match ICT Needs With The Strategic Direction of The Organisation

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Specific task instructions

The instructions and the criteria in the tasks and activities will be used by the assessor to determine if you have satisfactorily completed this assessment event. Use these instructions as a guide to ensure you demonstrate the required knowledge.

Video recording

If you are submitting video evidence, you must:

  • Provide a video for each participation meeting all requirements.
  • Ensure you have access to the equipment and resources required to participate in each demonstration.
  • Follow the Video recording instructions (pdf). This one-pager includes useful tips, links to resources, and a demonstration video.
    (Long URL: https://share.tafensw.edu.au/share/items/744af7d4-a241-45e2-adb0-0e13f2fe4950/0/?attachment.uuid=01c3c87a-4599-48c2-91f0-68a00b5bbb4c)
  • Address the questions or items listed in the Observation checklist, either during the demonstration or record them in a separate video file.

Background scenario

Please refer to the following scenario information on Gelos Enterprises and Tough Trailers. You will use this scenario information to complete this assessment.

Gelos Enterprises

Refer to Gelos Enterprises (Long URL:  https://share.tafensw.edu.au/share/items/d0b458dc-3922-409d-b1fe-9a2f785f4a38/0/?attachment.uuid=5f1677bf-8296-4137-ae33-8b9e30bad1ab) to gain a background knowledge of the organisation. Please refer to their Strategic Plan (pdf) which contains their Vision Statement and Core Values. As you are new to Gelos Enterprises, you should also look at the New Staff ICT Induction Kit (pdf), in addition to an organisation chart Org Chart (pdf), so you know who to liaise with on this project.

Tough Trailers strategic plan

You have been recently appointed as a Project Manager in the Development Team with Gelos. The ICT Services Senior Manager, Kirra Williams, has asked you to start working in collaboration with Tough Trailers to define the problems with their strategic plan and present viable ICT solutions. While you have access to various business documents, your primary role is to consider the existing ICT infrastructure and its inadequacies to meet current business requirements of Tough Trailers including the impact of these inadequacies.

Please note, the Gelos Development Team is also working on another project with Tough Trailers that relates to website development for the client. At this stage you are not part of the Website Development Project Team.  However, you have been advised to ensure that any probable impact of website development on the business is included in your work.

You need to review all the following documents relating to Tough Trailers:

  • Tough Trailers_Scenario.pdf
  • Tough Trailers_Strategic Plan.pdf
  • Tough Trailers_Existing ICT Resources.pdf
  • Tough Trailers_ICT Expense Summary.pdf

Part 1: Prepare report skeleton

For this assessment you are required produce a formal report called Tough Trailers Strategic Plan Analysis Report Part 2. This report is to be structured as follows:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Version Control Information
  3. Document Sign-off
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. Report Body
    • Background Information
    • Current ICT Network and Hardware
    • Options Analysis
      • Suitable options
      • Options costings
      • Options comparison
      • Preferred option
    • Impact of Proposed Change
    • Action Plan
  7. Conclusion

Prepare your report skeleton using the supplied Gelos Style Guide (GE_Gelos-style-guide.pdf). Make sure your report is structured as above.

Details of the contents of the Report body will be included in Parts 2 and 4 of this assessment.

Save your document as Tough Trailers Strategic Plan Analysis Report Part 2 Your Name.docx where Your Name is your full name.

Hint: To enhance readability of this report you are encouraged to:

  • Make sure that you use correct spelling, grammar, relevant terminology and plain English
  • Include your own headings and sub-heading as needed
  • Adopt a point-wise approach to presenting your information where appropriate
  • Make sure you include an introductory statement before any set of points

Part 2: Propose and evaluate the effect of changes

You will be required to carry out the following seven steps to complete this part of the assessment.

Step 2.1 – Background information

For this part of the assessment, you need to review the work you completed in the previous assessment Project Assessment 1.

Briefly describe why changes are required to the Tough Trailers’ current ICT systems.

Include this information under the heading Background information in your report. (Approximately 150 words)

Step 2.2 – Current ICT network and hardware

For this part of the assessment, you need to review the work you completed in the previous assessment Project Assessment 1, and the Existing ICT Resources – Tough Trailers document.

From this point on you will focus on the upgrade of the existing Tough Trailers ICT setup into an integrated network structure. The development of the Tough Trailers website does not need to be considered.

Currently, the Tough Trailers business has 22 desktop computers, 21 business laptops and 6 printers. The departments are connected within themselves but not to each other, and they do not have a centralised network or one access point for the entire network.

In Activity 3.2 of the Topic 3 in student workbook, you practiced drawing Visio diagrams for your organization’s network using Microsoft Visio. In this task, prepare a network diagram that demonstrates the existing ICT setup at Tough Trailers. This diagram will include the current network, as well as any additional hardware, so that the diagram represents the entire situation. Refer to Chapter 2 – Create Diagrams in the document Microsoft Visio – Step by Step Guide.pdf.

Download Microsoft Visio (Long URL: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/microsoft-365/visio/microsoft-visio-plans-and-pricing-compare-visio-options?OCID=oo_support_mix_marvel_ups_support_smcvisio_inline&rtc=1&activetab=tabs%3aprimaryr1) . Please make sure to get the trial of Visio Plan 2 (Long URL: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkID=2187324&clcid=0xc09&culture=en-au&country=AU) for desktop app support.

Include this diagram under the heading Current ICT Network and Hardware in your report.

Step 2.3 – Research task –  Possible technologies

This step requires you to complete online research on possible solutions in upgrading existing ICT setup at Tough Trailers.

Investigate at least FOUR possible technologies and associated costs to upgrade the existing Tough Trailers ICT setup into an integrated network structure.  Technologies you may wish to brainstorm may include:

  • Virtualisation
  • Cloud computing
  • Zero Clients or “dumb terminals”
  • Browser based operating systems e.g., Chromebooks
  • Wireless POA
  • BYOD
  • Any combination of these

Use the following Table 1 Possible Technologies to document your research findings in point form. (Approximately 300 words)

Step 2.4 – Brainstorm potential solutions

Brainstorm at least four ideas for potential solutions and attach evidence of your activity, either by writing directly in the space provided or pasting in a photo or screenshot of your work. Based on your technologies research in Step 2.3 above, and your understanding of the Tough Trailers scenario, brainstorm possible options to upgrade the existing Tough Trailers ICT setup into an integrated network structure. These options may involve a combination of technologies.

In addition to identifying possible solutions, your brainstorm should include the following:

  • A brief description of the possible option
  • The technologies used
  • A list of specific hardware, software, networking etc. requirements e.g. number and type of routers, switches, servers, virtualisation software etc.

Use the following space to provide evidence of your brainstorm, either by writing directly or posting a screenshot or photo of your work.

In the following space, reflect on your brainstorming activity by:

  • Describing the creative thinking techniques used in brainstorming
  • Summarising the outcomes of the brainstorming session

(Approx. 100 words)

Step 2.5 – Factors impacting on ideas

Identify at least four factors that can be used to assess the feasibility of potential solutions.

Explain how each of your identified factors consider:

  • Commercial potential
  • Target audience/purpose
  • Implementation feasibility

(Approx. 200 words)

Step 2.6 – Evaluate solutions

Use the work done in Step 2.5 to evaluate the viability of each potential solution.

In your evaluation, include:

  • An assessment of each solution against the factors that affect viability
  • A comparison of each solution with best practice approaches of similar products, process, services or programs and explain whether your ideas stand out

(Approx. 150 words)

Part 3: Select the most suitable solution

Step 3.1 – Cost suitable options

Calculate probable initial and per annum costs for each option you have identified above in Step 2.4. These costs may be Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimates, also known as guesstimates. Cost estimates should be realistic, but you are not required to present exact costs.

Document your answer using Table 4 Options Costings template and include this in your report under the heading Options Costings. (Approximately 150 words)

Table 4 Options Costings template

Step 3.2 – Options comparison

For this part of the assessment, you need to use ICT Expense Summary – Tough Trailers document as a basis for your comparison.

For each option you have identified in Step 2.4:

  1. Describe at least two advantages and disadvantages
  2. Compare the option with the current Tough Trailers ICT setup (both technically and cost-wise)
  3. Identify any anticipated problems or difficulties that may be encountered in the Tough Trailers workplace if the option is implemented

Step 3.3 – Preferred option

Based on the information you have compiled in the previous steps, identify and justify your preferred option.

For your preferred option you have identified in Step 2.4:

  1. Describe why you chose this option
  2. How can the anticipated problem (discussed in 3.2) be resolved / fixed to mitigate any risks?

Using networking diagram drawing software, prepare a network diagram that demonstrates the preferred option and include this with your answer. You do not need to prepare a networking diagram for all identified options.

Enter your answer under the heading Preferred Option in your report. (Approximately 350 words + diagram)

Step 3.4 – Impact of change

Describe the impact of change if your preferred option was accepted and implemented by Tough Trailers.

To evaluate the impact of change you will need to answer the question: How does this option change the existing Tough Trailers ICT setup and how will such changes affect the current ICT and business practices at Tough Trailers?  List and describe at least four possible impacts.

Include your description under the heading Impact of Proposed Change in your report. (Approximately 350 words)

Part 4: Present to client

Please refer to following Observation Checklist 1 to help prepare yourself for this task.

You should refer to the list of criteria provided in the Observation Checklist to understand what skills you need to demonstrate in this section of the assessment. This Checklist outlines the Performance Criteria, Performance Evidence and Assessment Conditions your Teacher/Assessor will be marking you on.

Before attempting this task, you must have already completed Part 2 of this assessment item. You will need to bring a copy of your partially completed report to this meeting.

For face-to-face students:

This part of the assessment will be completed in class as a role play.  Your Assessor will guide you through the role play process.

For online students:

This part of the assessment will be completed by submitting a recording of your presentation.

Step 4.1 – Presentation to Tough Trailers

You have been asked to meet with Tough Trailer management to review your recommended option for changing Tough Trailers ICT setup into an integrated network structure and gain approval to proceed further.

This meeting will involve a short presentation to Jed Taylor, Manager of Tough Trailers, and other Tough Trailer staff members.

Your presentation will include the following:

  • Current ICT setup
  • Preferred proposed option
  • Possible business impacts
  • Question and answer

This presentation will take approximately 10 minutes.

Your presentation should be created using MS PowerPoint. Save you presentation as Tough Trailers Preferred Option Your Name.pptx.

Role of the student being assessed

During the presentation make sure that you:

  • use:
    • clear, simple language and plain English to provide precise advice
    • appropriate conventions, protocols and tone for your audience.

The assessor may ask questions while the demonstration is taking place, or if appropriate directly after the activity has been completed

Step 4.2 – Reflection

Reflect on the methods you used to generate concepts and ideas, and document ways you think you could improve this in the future.

Post your reflection in the Discussion Forum of the course on TAFE Digital Campus and post a screenshot of the discussion in the following space.

Part 5: Develop an Action Plan for implementation

Step 5.1 – Action Plan

Refer back to the document Strategic Plan – Tough Trailers and the work you have completed in Parts 1, 2 and 3 of this assessment.

Prepare an Action Plan for the implementation of your preferred option, incorporating the feedback you received in Part 3.

Your Action Plan needs to be in line with Gelos’s standard for Action Plans. It must therefore include the following:

  • Strategic objective – As per Action Plan table
  • List of activities – Listed in order of activities to meet this objective
  • Description/standard – Briefly describe each activity. If relevant include the applicable quality standard required
  • Costs – Provide a rough breakdown of your costings for each activity. Costings relating to staffing do not need to be included and should be noted as “No additional cost”
  • Timeline – Provide a rough estimation of the duration of the activity

Complete the Action Plan, using Table 7 Action Plan template, and include this in your report under the heading Action Plan. An example has been included to guide you in your answer. Extend this table as required. (Approximately 350 words)

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