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Assessment instructions

Table 1 Assessment instructions

Assessment details Instructions
Assessment overview The objective of this assessment is to assess your knowledge and performance in developing recommendations to address gaps in organisational policies relating to personal information and intellectual property.
Assessment Event number 1 of 2
Instructions for this assessment This is a project-based assessment and will be assessing you on your knowledge and performance of the unit.This assessment is in four parts:

  1. Gelos policies and procedures
  2. Recommendations and implementation plan
  3. Presenting to Gelos Management
  4. Finalising and submitting report

And is supported by:

  • Assessment checklist
  • Assessment feedback
  • Scenario documents
Submission instructions On completion of this assessment, you are required to submit it to your Teacher/Assessor for marking. Where possible, submission and upload of all required assessment files should be via the TAFE NSW online learning platform.You are required to submit the following items:1.      Gelos Enterprises Policy and Procedures Report Your Name.docx
where Your Name is your full name

2.      This updated assessment item

Ensure you have included your name at the bottom of each page of documents you submit.

It is important that you keep a copy of all electronic and hardcopy assessments submitted to TAFE and complete the assessment declaration when submitting the assessment.

What do I need to do to achieve a satisfactory result? To achieve a satisfactory result for this assessment you must answer all the questions correctly. If a resit is required to achieve a satisfactory result it will be conducted at an agreed time after a suitable revision period.
What do I need to provide? •        TAFE NSW student account username and password. If you do not know your username and password, contact your campus or service centre on 131601.•        Computer or other device with word processing software and internet access•        Writing materials, if required

•        USB Drive or other storage method to save work to, with at least 1Gb of free storage.

What the assessor will provide? ·         Access to this assessment and learning resources, including the student workbook and any supporting documents or links.·         Organisational policies, procedures, guidelines and corporate governance documentation·         Scenario documents:

·         You will be required to refer to the Gelos Policies and  Procedures (Long URL: https://share.tafensw.edu.au/share/file/d0b458dc-3922-409d-b1fe-9a2f785f4a38/1/GelosEnterprises.zip/index.html )

o   Intellectual Property Policy

o   Privacy Policy

o   Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure

o   Data Backup Policy

o   Data Protection Policy

o   Discrimination Harassment and Workplace Bullying Policy and Procedure

o   ICT Risk Management Policy

o   Gelos-style-guide

o   Customer Complaint Policy and Procedure

Due date Time allowed

Delivery location

Refer to the Unit Assessment Guide.6 hours (indicative only)TAFE NSW campus/ TAFE Digital Campus/ TAFE NSW Moodle/ a location determined by your Teacher/Assessor
Assessment feedback, review or appeals In accordance with the TAFE NSW policy Manage Assessment Appeals, all students have the right to appeal an assessment decision in relation to how the assessment was conducted and the outcome of the assessment. Appeals must be lodged within 14 working days of the formal notification of the result of the assessment.If you would like to request a review of your results or if you have any concerns about your results, contact your Teacher/Assessor or Head Teacher.  If they are unavailable, contact the Student Administration Officer.Contact your Head Teacher/Assessor for the assessment appeals procedures at your college/campus.

Specific task instructions

The instructions and the criteria in the tasks and activities below will be used by the Teacher/Assessor to determine whether the tasks and activities have been satisfactorily completed. Use these instructions and criteria to ensure you demonstrate the required skills and knowledge.

If this assessment requires you to record information, your Teacher/Assessor will provide you with an appropriate document/template.

Your Teacher/Assessor will advise a time and location for each event.

Alternatively, you may have the option to record your participation and submit as video evidence.

If you are submitting video evidence, you must:

  • Provide a video for each participation clearly meeting all requirements.
  • Ensure you have access to the equipment and resources required to participate in each demonstration.
  • Follow the Video recording instruction (pdf). This one-pager includes useful tips, links to resources, and a demonstration video.
    URL: https://share.tafensw.edu.au/share/items/744af7d4-a241-45e2-adb0-0e13f2fe4950/0/?attachment.uuid=01c3c87a-4599-48c2-91f0-68a00b5bbb4c
  • Address the items listed in the checklist, either during the demonstration or record them in a separate video file.

Background scenario

Please refer to the following scenario information on Gelos Enterprises. You will use this scenario information to complete this assessment.

For this assessment you are required to produce a formal report called Gelos Enterprises Policy and Procedures Report. This report is to be structured as follows:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Version Control Information
  3. Document Sign-off
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. Report Body
    1. Background Information
    2. Preliminary investigation of Current Policies and Procedures
  • Recommendations for Privacy Policy, Code of Ethics and Appeals and Complaints Policy
  1. Implementation plan
  2. Presenting to Gelos Management
  3. Documentation of feedback

Following assessment Part 1 and 2, you will be able to complete a ‘partial report’ up to an including 6. Report Body – iv. implementation Plan. You will need to bring this partially completed report to your meeting with Madison Mathews (Part 3).

Following assessment Part 3, you will be able to complete your full report including 6. Report Body – v. Presenting to Gelos Management and vi. Documentation of feedback (full report finalised and submitted in Part 4).

Prepare your report skeleton using the supplied Gelos Style Guide (Long URL: https://share.tafensw.edu.au/share/items/5f1cec7b-1d03-446a-85b7-edb42692c34e/0/?attachment.uuid=7f4fb7d3-3c6e-4e89-ad1b-2443d7e7b2fe). Make sure your report is structured as above.

Save your document as Gelos Enterprises Policy and Procedures Report Your Name.docx where Your Name is your full name.

Hint: To enhance readability of this report you are encouraged to:

  • make sure that you use correct spelling, grammar, relevant terminology, and plain English
  • include your own headings and sub-heading as needed
  • adopt a point-wise approach to presenting your information where appropriate
  • make sure you include an introductory statement before any set of points
  • submit your final report to your assessor once complete.

Gelos Enterprises

You are working as an ICT Technician for Gelos Enterprises (Long URL: https://share.tafensw.edu.au/share/file/d0b458dc-3922-409d-b1fe-9a2f785f4a38/1/GelosEnterprises.zip/index.html), reporting to the ICT Support Senior Manager, Madison Mathews. Gelos has changed and become a more mobile workforce. Gelos Management has recognised that, because of this adjustment to remote work options for all employees, they need to update their policies and procedures for offsite working. This will ensure all Gelos intellectual property (IP), ethics and privacy policies are in place and are complied with by all employees and teams.

You have been asked to assist in the development and deployment of the protocols, policies and procedures necessary to ensure Gelos complies with all relevant IP, ethics and privacy policies.

Refer to the Gelos Policies and  Procedures (Long URL: https://share.tafensw.edu.au/share/file/d0b458dc-3922-409d-b1fe-9a2f785f4a38/1/GelosEnterprises.zip/index.html ) to assist you with this project;

  • Intellectual Property Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure
  • Data Backup Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Discrimination Harassment and Workplace Bullying Policy and Procedure
  • ICT Risk Management Policy
  • Gelos-style-guide
  • Customer Complaint Policy and Procedure

Gelos requires its management and employees to abide by the ITPA (Information Technology Professional Association) code of ethics policy. (Long URL: https://www.itpa.org.au/code-of-ethics/)

Relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice/industry standards can be accessed from:

(Long URL: https://www.legislation.gov.au/)

(Long URL: https://legislation.nsw.gov.au/)

(Long URL: https://www.cyber.gov.au/ )

Part 1: Gelos policies and procedures  

Your ICT Support Senior Manager, Madison Mathews has asked for your assistance in reviewing industry standards in Australia and comparing these to Gelos Enterprises current policies and procedures.

Task 1.1

Identify and document current organisational IP and copyright legislation. To respond to this, you must:

  1. Refer the following websites and identify industry standard intellectual property (IP) and copyright legislation, policies and procedures.
  • Federal Register of Legislation

(Long URL: https://www.legislation.gov.au/)

  • NSW legislation

(Long URL: https://legislation.nsw.gov.au/)

  • IP Australia

(Long URL: https://www.ipaustralia.gov.au/)


  1. Refer Gelos Enterprises IP Policy and identify how Gelos Enterprise maintains its compliance with industry standard legislation (list the relevant legislation and industry standards).
  2. Compare Gelos Enterprises Intellectual Property Policy with industry standard legislation and suggest work practices that can help Gelos better apply their Copyright Policy.

Task 1.2

According to Australian Privacy Principle (APP) 1 – open and transparent management of personal information – Gelos Enterprises APP privacy policy must contain the following information:

(Long URL: https://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/australian-privacy-principles-guidelines/chapter-1-app-1-open-and-transparent-management-of-personal-information)

  • The kinds of personal information that the entity collects and holds
  • How the entity collects and holds personal information
  • The purposes for which the entity collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information
  • How an individual may access personal information about the individual that is held by the entity and seek the correction of such information
  • How an individual may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles, or a registered app code (if any) that binds the entity, and how the entity will deal with such a complaint
  • Whether the entity is likely to disclose personal information to overseas recipients
  • If the entity is likely to disclose personal information to overseas recipients—the countries in which such recipients are likely to be located if it is practicable to specify those countries in the policy.

Madison has asked you to compare Gelos Enterprises Privacy Policy with the Privacy Act, with the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) (Long URL:  https://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/australian-privacy-principles/read-the-australian-privacy-principles) and the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme (NDB), (long URL: https://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/notifiable-data-breaches)  to check whether they’re covered in the privacy policy. Record your answers for these questions in the following table:

  1. In the column ‘Privacy policy reference (Gelos)’, list the sentence or paragraph from Gelos Enterprises Privacy Policy (Long URL: https://share.tafensw.edu.au/share/items/5f1cec7b-1d03-446a-85b7-edb42692c34e/0/?attachment.uuid=df50b7f8-f190-4a3c-aad0-83297b3c395d ) that addresses the requirement. If it isn’t addressed, either partially or at all, note this.
  2. In the column ‘Privacy Act/NDB’, list the part of the Privacy Act that covers each requirement description.

Task 1.3

Locate the Australian Computer Society (ACS) Code of Ethics, and Gelos Enterprises Code of Ethics Policy within the Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure (Long URL: https://share.tafensw.edu.au/share/file/5f1cec7b-1d03-446a-85b7-edb42692c34e/1/GE_Code-of-conduct-policy-and-procedure.pdf).  Choose one of the values from the ACS Code of Ethics to compare with Gelos Enterprises Code of Ethics Policy. Complete the following table, outlining

  • the chosen ACS Code of Ethics value,
  • the purpose of the value, and
  • compare this value with the work practices followed in Gelos Enterprises.

Part 2 – Recommendations and implementation plan

Madison has asked you if you think Gelos Enterprise needs to update any of its policies and procedures.

Task 2.1 – Reviewing documentation

  1. Review Gelos Enterprises Privacy Policy and recommend two updates to ensure it aligns not only with privacy legislation (list the relevant legislation) but also aligns with the current technological advancements.
  2. Review Gelos Enterprises Code of Ethics within the Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure and recommend two updates to ensure it aligns not only with Code of Ethics (list the relevant legislation) but also aligns with the current technological advancements.
  3. Review Gelos Enterprises existing “appeal and complaints” procedure and recommend two updates to establish and document an improved procedure to respond to this task. Draft an email with your recommendations to send to Madison Mathews.
  4. Outline how you could implement relevant work procedures and ethical practices to complement the policy updates you recommended (provide two examples).

Task 2.2 - Implementation and review plan

Develop an implementation and review plan that Gelos Enterprises could use to ensure that the policies will be effectively employed by all the staff members, including regular checks and reviews of work practices. Your plan must include the following:

  1. Timeframes to implement the plan
  2. Regulatory compliance recommendations to maintain and test the levels of integrity, confidentiality, availability of data and its security as per the industry standards and organisational policies and procedures
  3. An outline of three appropriate methods and processes to communicate the policies and procedures to staff members and clients (the stakeholders).

Part 3 – Presenting to Gelos Management

You will participate in a role play, which will be observed by your Teacher/Assessor in class or you will need to submit a video.

Your role play will be used as part of the overall evidence requirements of the unit.

You should refer to the list of criteria provided in the Observation Checklist to understand what skills you need to demonstrate in this section of the assessment. This Checklist outlines the Performance Criteria, Performance Evidence and Assessment Conditions your Teacher/Assessor will be marking you on.

Task 3.1 The scenario – Meeting with Gelos management

Your ICT Support Senior Manager, Madison Mathews, has set up a meeting to discuss your proposed recommendations and implementation plan provided by you in your report. To complete this task, you will need to:

  1. Document and communicate updates with relevant personnel (you will be required to take notes during your role play to document feedback).
  2. Participates in verbal exchange of ideas and elicits views and opinions of others using listening and questioning techniques
  3. Identifies requirements of important communication exchanges, selecting channels, format, tone and content to suit purpose and audience

Role of the student being assessed

During the role play make sure that you:

  • use:
    • clear, simple language and plain English to provide precise advice
    • appropriate conventions, protocols and tone for your audience.
    • listening and inclusive questioning techniques
  • Include the following in your role play:
  • Include the following in your role play:
    • your recommendations for Gelos Enterprises Privacy Policy, Code of Ethics with Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure and Appeals and Complaints Policy.
    • rationale for these recommendations (i.e. how you came to choose these)
    • your proposed implementation and review plan.

You must also provide a copy of your plan to Madison (this can be done by email) and obtain written sign off/verbal confirmation from Madison to endorse the changes outlined in your plan.

This role play will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. To understand the assessment criteria for this role play, see Assessment Checklist 1.

Before participating in this role play, make sure that you have completed Part 1 and 2 of this assessment item. You will need to bring a copy of your partially completed report to this “meeting”.

The assessor may ask questions while the demonstration is taking place, or if appropriate directly after the activity has been completed.

Role of the people in supporting roles

For in-class students: In this meeting your assessor will organise for a suitable person, such as another teacher, student or industry representative, to play the role of your manager, the ICT Technician, Madison Mathews.

For online students: You will need to organise for a suitable person, such as a colleague, student or relative, to play the role of your manager, the ICT Technician, Madison Mathews. You will need to submit a video recording of the role play. Make sure supporting role players have the scenario instructions to work from. Ensure there is enough information so that they can effectively contribute to the role play.

Task 3.2 – Documentation of feedback 

Complete the table to document the feedback you received as part of your meeting with Madison.

Ensure you follow Gelos Enterprise’s feedback procedure, located in the Gelos Communications Procedure document.

Part 4 – Finalising and submiting report

Finalise your report in Part (1-3) by updating the feedback and/or comments you received during the role play task from Madison.

Submit your final report to your assessor by marking.

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