I Need Help With This Questions Which Is The NIMS Please Help Me Correct My Answers Please Tell Me Which Ones Are Wrong…

I need help with this questions which is the NIMS please help me correct my answers please tell me which ones are wrong and what is the correct answer. This is IS-200 and this is the link https://training.fema.gov/is/courseoverview.aspx?code=IS-200.c

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18. Predicting the resource needs of an incident to determine the appropriate management structure is referred t ⓔ A. Logistical Analysis O B. Complexity Analysis O C. Incident Action Planning D. Pre-incident Operations Plan 19. Which factor does not impact the complexity of an incident? O A. Cost considerations of responding agencies O B. Community and responder safety O C. Political sensitivity, external influences, and media relations D. Potential hazardous materials 20. When a more qualified person arrives on scene, which statement best describes what happens? O A. The Emergency Operations Center Director must order a Transfer of Command. B. The more qualified person automatically becomes the new Incident Commander and assumes command. The outgoing Incident Commander demobilizes to avoid confusion. O C. The more qualified person has options based on agency guidelines; these can include assuming command, maintaining command as is, or requesting a more qualified Incident Commander 0 D. The more qualified person becomes the new Incident Commander at the beginning of the next operational period

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Ans:       18. B - Complexity analysis Complexity analysis can help to …


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