HSH725 - Assessment Task 3 - Critical Reflection

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Why complete this assessment task?

Almost no-one sets out to exclude others or to be insensitive or unethical. It happens when we have not reflected appropriately on what principles, practices and procedures need to be enacted to ensure harmful practices do not occur.

The purpose of this assessment is to help you identify ethical, inclusive and culturally sensitive principles and practices that you can put into action in your future. This is important as nearly everyone working in a health and caring profession will need to engage with people who will be looking to establish trust in you and the advice you give. It is likely that many of the people you are working with will have very different backgrounds, life trajectories and cultural expectations than those you hold.

What do I need to do?

You are asked to provide a critical reflection based on one (1) of the three case study scenarios provided, written in the form of an academic essay. Your essay must reflect on ONE scenario from the options provided below.

You should now progress through the next five steps:

  1. Read the detailed assessment instructions
  2. Understand how to structure your assignment (your critical reflection)
  3. Check your assignment meets formatting and referencing requirements
  4. Check your work through the Turnitin originality check
  5. Submit your assignment

1.  Detailed assessment instructions

  1. Choose one (1) case study scenario below to reflect on:

Scenario One:

David is working with a family with a young child recently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). He would like to work with the family to establish some strategies to develop the child’s social and cognitive skills. When working with this family David must demonstrate an understanding of appropriate practice. As a colleague, what advice would you give David on key ethical, cultural, or inclusive principles he will need to consider and implement?

Scenario Two:

Anahita has begun a job as a health promotion officer providing education around the importance of childhood vaccinations in a community that has a large number of residents who are from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. She will need to demonstrate an understanding of appropriate practice. What advice would you provide as to some key ethical, cultural, or inclusive principles that Anahita needs to engage with during her work?

Scenario Three:

In her work as a research assistant Naomi is wanting to engage with pregnant women to understand their experiences with prenatal diet and exercise. Some of the women that she may recruit are under the age of 18.

Naomi will need to ensure ethical, cultural and inclusive practices and procedures are adhered to in undertaking the research. What advise would you give Naomi about engaging in this research?

Only select one (1) scenario to reflect on for this assessment.

  1. Once you have chosen your scenario you need to provide your critical

In your reflection you must identify three (3) principles (or concepts, or values) – one inclusive, one cultural and one ethical:

Provide a clear definition for each principle you have chosen

Reflect on and explain why you have chosen each principle (e.g. explain their significance in your chosen scenario).

Reflect on and explain what associated practices should be employed to ensure harm does not occur.

Do not forget that you are expected to draw on a range of relevant academic literature (e.g. peer-reviewed journal articles, your unit textbook, government publications) to support your reflection. It is not sufficient to only provide your opinion in this task.

If you are having trouble working on where to begin your reflection, it might be helpful to break it down into smaller questions. What are the key ethical considerations in this example, what would I need to do to ensure I was inclusive, what cultural sensitivities would I need to consider? Then work back through the relevant unit content and draw on supporting literature to develop your response.

Deakin has a great range of resources that can help with your reflective writing  if you are still unsure.

2.  Report structure

Your report should consist of the following sections.

  1. Introduction (~100 words)

A brief introductory paragraph where you outline the purpose and structure of your reflection including the identification of your chosen case study scenario.

  1. Reflection (~1100 words)

This forms the body of your essay. You must focus on ONE (1) scenario and demonstrate critical reflective thinking throughout.

  1. Conclusion (~50 words)

Short and concise concluding statement.

  1. References

A list of references cited in your report using APA referencing style.

3.  Formatting and referencing requirements

File format – Word (.docx) or PDF

Font size – 10 -12

Font type – Professional e.g. Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri

Spacing – 1.5 – 2 point

Margins – Normal

Borders – None

Page numbers – Required

Please ensure that your assignment is clear, following an appropriate structure with the use of subheadings and free from typographical or grammatical errors. Also ensure you read through the assignment drafting guide  .

In this unit you must use APA7 referencing style:

The American Psychological Association 7th ed. (APA7)

Academic referencing involves two interconnected parts: in-text citations and a list of references. Every source you refer to must have an accurate in-text citation using APA7 referencing style.

DO NOT use footnotes.

All direct quotes must have page numbers in addition to author, year.

Full details of all sources you refer to in-text must be listed in your list of references (at the end of your assignment), and correctly formatted using APA7 referencing style.

Word limit

The word limit for the assignment is 1250 words (excluding the reference list, but including in-text citations and headings). You are permitted to be 10% over or under the word limit, but words over 1375 will not be assessed. This is done to ensure equity among students – it is unfair if students who exceed the word limit get higher grades (due to including extra material over the word count) than students who comply with the limit. Also, concise writing that states the key points is an important report-writing skill you can demonstrate in your assignment!

4.  Check your work through the Turnitin Originality Check

Before submitting your assignment you can check the originality of your work using Turnitin. This is available on CloudDeakin under the TOOLS tab – Turnitin Originality Check. If your Turnitin score is more than 15% (excluding in- text citations, reference list) you should consider revising your assignment to ensure that your answers to the assignment questions are written in your own words. It is NOT acceptable in this assignment to answer the questions using ‘blocks’ of text taken from the references provided (though the occasional word or technical term is acceptable). If necessary, revise your assignment before submitting it to the dropbox as outlined in the following section.

REMEMBER that submitting your assignment to Turnitin does NOT constitute submitting your assignment to the dropbox for assessment – they are two separate processes.

Also make sure that when you finally submit your assignment to the dropbox, it is the revised/final version (if you made revisions) and not an earlier version that you submitted to Turnitin.

5.  Assignment submission

The assignment is to be submitted in the Assignment Dropbox provided on CloudDeakin, in Word or PDF format. Here are instructions  for submitting your assignment online

Please use you the Assignment (Assessment) Discussion area to discuss the assignment on CloudDeakin with your fellow students. This is encouraged – but you must submit your own original work and ideas.

Academic integrity

Your responsibility to complete your assignments with academic integrity

Breaching academic integrity in your assessments is cheating and is not accepted at Deakin. For example, you should not take someone else’s work or ideas and pass them off as your own. If your work contains material copied from a classmate or an external source, your work will be referred to the Faculty Academic Integrity Committee. If you are found guilty of an academic integrity breach, possible penalties include a zero mark for the assessment task, zero marks for the unit, or expulsion from your course.

ChatGPT and other AI tools

Undoubtedly you have heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like Chat GTP. Deakin welcomes  this new technology as we see value in developing your awareness and skills for the responsible and authentic use of these tools to prepare you for the workplace.

These tools are changing rapidly, as are the detection tools, and we will adjust assessments over time to take this into consideration. At present, you can explore these tools in your investigation of the assessment task. However, it is important that you critically evaluate any output it produces as part of the learning process.

Please be aware that these tools are often inaccurate, biased and use out-of-date information. Copying and pasting the AI-generated output into your assignment does not assist your learning and submitting this as your own work without acknowledgement is a breach of student academic integrity standards  . Please

acknowledge when and how you have used this technology at the start of your assessment submission.

Understanding how to use these tools correctly will be essential to avoiding breaches that could impact your successful course progression and possibly your graduation.

Please read more information on ‘Academic Integrity’  and UsinGenerative AI  before finalising your assessment task.

And finally,

Best wishes for completing the assignment. Remember to post any questions about the assignment in the Assignment (Assessment) Discussion area of CloudDeakin. You can expect to receive feedback and a grade for your assignment approximately three weeks after the due date.

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