HRM7053 Strategic Human Resource Management

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The module presents a comprehensive and thematic overview of strategic human resource management thinking and research evidence. Hopefully, this will enable you to understand the field and inform your practice from an HR professional perspective. This module will help develop your strategic knowledge and its link with the operational perspectives. This takes a view of strategic human resource management across various organisational structures, industries and cultures from a global perspective. Students will self-manage their studies to develop the skills needed to enhance their management practice. The module assessment is 100% individually based. The module needs the student to do extensive reading and teamwork that will be set at frequent intervals.


Below is the list of selected 20 companies from Fortune 500 companies (Global 500) for the year 2023, their ranking and industries. You are to choose one or more to answer the questions that follow (You MUST NOT choose any company not listed below):

Ranking Company Name Industry
3 State Grid Energy
10 United Health Group Healthcare and Insurance
12 Trafigura Group Energy, Metals and Minerals
18 McKesson Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
19 Toyota Motor Automotive Manufacturing
33 Ping An Insurance Insurance
58 Kroger Retail
56 Equinor Petroleum
26 Costco Wholesale General Merchandisers
68 Alibaba Group Holding e-commerce
80 Pemex Petroleum
94 Indian Oil Petroleum
99 Citigroup Commercial Banking
116 Humana Health Insurance
31 Stellantis Automotive Manufacturing
135 PepsiCo Food and Beverages
171 Jiangxi Copper Mining
201 Posco Holdings Steel Manufacturing
219 Airbus Aerospace
445 British American Tobacco Tobacco


  1. Critically evaluate two contemporary Human Resource Management issues that any of your chosen organisation(s) face. Discuss the challenges and managerial implications.  (30 Marks) (Approximately 850 words).
  2. Apply any two strategic Human Resource Management models or theories to the operations and functionality of your chosen organisation. Discuss the managerial implications of the models/theories on the organisation’s HR plans, policies and systems to show how these align with the organisation’s strategic goal.(30 Marks) (Approximately 850 words).
  3. A recent report identifies the factors influencing employee satisfaction and workplace engagement. The report highlighted employees’ preferences and key areas for organisations to consider as they foster good employment relations. Examine carefully the nature of employment relations and practices in your chosen organisation, and how can this enhance or impede the organisation’s HRM practices? (20 Marks) (Approximately 650 words).
  4. Given your experiences and learning (of this module) during this semester, critically reflect on the skills and knowledge you have acquired. How will such experiences assist you in collaborating with a diverse team to meet organisational objectives and performance goals in contemporary management or HR functions? (Use a reflective model). (20 Marks) (Approximately 650 words)

Word limit: The word count limit is 3,000 words. There is no fixed penalty for exceeding the word count, but you must know that the examiner will not consider any work after the +10% word count tolerance has been reached within the allocated marks. You may, therefore, be penalised for a failure to be concise and for failing to conclude your work within the word count specified.

Weighting: 100%

Late Submission Policy

The policy for late submissions is described in detail at the academic regulations document, page 40: Please read carefully to avoid any penalties.

Similarity check

You are strongly advised to use Turnitin to check the similarity count with other sources and avoid plagiarism.  You will find a link to Turnitin on the module Moodle site (please include the link), allowing you to submit your work and check it before submitting it through the usual submission portal.

Final suggestions

  • The assignment should be word-processed and double line spaced. Do not use bullet points
  • Use Times New Roman 12 point (this font and size).
  • State the word count used in your document.
  • On each sheet, ensure you have page numbers in the format ‘Page x of y’ – see the footer in this assignment for an example.
  • All work should be referenced in Harvard-style format – there are hand-outs available online at the library website if you are unsure about this.
  • Do not use Wikipedia, Google, Google Books, or Yahoo – the former is not peer-assessed, the work is unreliable, and the latter are search engines. Do not rely too heavily on Internet sources. There is no need for a content page.
  • Use contemporary academic textbooks and journal articles (newspapers are not articles); use post-year 2000 academic work.

Number of Attempts

Under the University Academic Regulations students have two opportunities to be assessed and to pass this module. If a student has not achieved a pass in this module after the resit, no further opportunities are available

University Regulations

The word limit is for your coursework assignment and does not cover material submitted as an appendix. Material submitted as an appendix provides background for your coursework, but it will not be marked unless specified in the brief. Also, you must cross-refer between the main text of your assignment and any appendices to demonstrate the linkage. The Appendices do not constitute additional material unrelated to that included in the body of your assignment. If you do not refer to this work in the appendix, this included work in the Appendices is not marked.

Your References page will not be included in the word count, but where you quote within the assignment (e.g., Smith and Jones (2010) identified that…) will be included in the word count.

Since your work is submitted in electronic format, you are required to declare the number of words used in your assignment. A random number of course works will be selected to check for adherence to the word limit.

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