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This assessment task requires students to take on the role of an employee and complete multiple business process related tasks using the Enterprise System in response to a detailed scenario.

Students will be expected to complete the scenarios and then produce the specified reports. Some tasks will mirror tutorial activities. Others will extend beyond tutorial material, requiring students to conduct independent research.

Assignment Description

This assessment will be completed in groups of 4 students. Groups will be formed within the first 2 weeks of class.

Each group is required to complete 4 tasks (by providing screenshots) and answer the related questions.

Task1: Financials

Display General Ledger Account

Use the SAP Fiori Launchpad to display a General Ledger account in your chart of accounts. Businesses commonly maintain several bank accounts (e.g. payroll, general checking and money market) that are listed on their balance sheet. Each G/L account being used by a company code has both chart of account and company code specific information. In this way, a chart of accounts may be used by several company codes with each having their own unique information and settings. To do this, choose the app Manage G/L Account Master Data. Select GBI Global in the Chart of Accts. Find GL00 for G/L Account, assign 100000 for G/L Account. Back in the screen Manage G/L Account Master Data check if the field Chart of Account is just filled with GL00 in the Chart of Accounts field. Click on the account number (100000) to display the G/L account data and take a screenshot and provide it here:

a) Put the screenshots here:

b) Now answer the following questions:

  1. What Account Group is this G/L account assigned to?
  2. Is this account a Profit and Loss Statement account or a Balance Sheet account?
  3. What is the account currency in US00?
  4. What are the differences to the German GBI Company Code (DE00)?
  5. Record information about the G/L Account in the table below:
G/L Account Number G/L Account Name

Task 2: Procurement

You have been presented with following scenario which requires you to complete the associated processes and submit the specified deliverables which are outputs of the different processes. A template for the deliverables has been included at the end of the scenario.


GBI after considerable market research involving, vendors and customers, have realised that there is potential for a new style of bicycle to be developed. The bicycle – the Beach Cruiser.

The Beach Cruiser details need to be entered into the system before the bicycle can be manufactured and sold.

a) Create a new supplier “PT-Bike Parts” with the US00 company code. Enter one of the team member name as clerk at vendor. All other data are the same as the data in Step 4 of the Tutorial Material (Financial Accounting) for Week

b) Create a material record for the Grand Tourer. You are going to define a new Finished Product, The Beach Cruiser with item code BECU1### (Where ### your SAP user ). The specifications for the Beach Cruiser bike are:

Net weight        6000 gm Gross weight 6000 gm Standard Price        $900 USD
Valuation Class 7920 Purchasing Group N00 Price Conditions     Qty 1Amount $1200

The material will be stored in Plant MI00 (Miami Distribution Centre), Company US00, Storage Location TG00. All other data, including the organisational levels, is the same as for your CHLK1### bike.

Task 3: Production Planning

a) The production process for the Beach Cruiser bike requires an additional Work Centre (Packaging WC5-###) due to its complexity. This Work Centre has the same details as the other Work Centres created in the workshop exercises.

Task 4: Sales and Distribution

  1. Create a new customer “Bikes for Kids” located at 461 Sunset Ave, Palm Beach, FL, All other data is the same as for “The Bike Zone” customer. “Bikes for Kids” will be managed by the same contact person as “The Bike Zone” – add the contact to the customer record.
  2. Due to extensive marketing for the new Grand Tourer Bike, GBI has received the following Purchase You now need to complete the fulfilment process for this Purchase Order. This includes the following:
    • Create the new customer “Bikes for Kids” located at 647 Sunset Ave, Palm Beach, FL, US. All other data is the same as for “The Bike Zone” customer. “Bikes for Kids” will be managed by the same contact person as “The Bike Zone” – add the contact to the customer record.
    • Create Sales Order
    • Complete the Delivery Process
    • Create an Invoice for the Customer
    • Receive a Payment of $15000 from the

Report structure should be as the following:

  • Task 1 Financials: Display General Ledger Account
  1. Display G/L account data
  2. Answer the 5 questions
    • Task 2 Procurement: Create a new supplier and material record for the Beach
  3. Display a screenshot of the new supplier you have created
  4. Display a screenshot of the new material and Display the Stock Overview for your BECU1- ####
    • Task 3 Production Planning: Add new work place and change
  5. Add Work Centre (Packaging WC5-###) and provide the screenshot
  6. Change routing and Display the Routing Operation Overview for your BECU1####
    • Task 4 Sales and Distribution: Create a customer quotation and sales order, post the product, and create invoice.
  7. Display the Stock Overview after the sale of BECU1####
  8. Display a screenshot of the invoice
  9. Display the Document Flow for the sale of BECU1####

In addition, your report should be presented in the form of screenshots, following the provided template.

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