HI5030 System Analysis and Design - Case Study Assessment

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The purpose of the group system analysis and design project is to demonstrate students’ability to apply the knowledge learned in this course to a real-world project

Assessment Description

The system analysis and design project must be realistic and it will be done using techniques covered in this course. You should select any of the following projects that are based on any real-life example. For example, if you choose the ebay bidding system as your project, you must analyze the requirements of that system and base your analysis and design activities on the identified requirements and the processes associated. You are free to identify the issues with the current system and suggest improvements and include suggestions for your project. Find more information about these systems by browsing their details on the web.

  • Ebay Bidding System
  • Uber Eats delivery System
  • Commonwealth bank’s CommSec pocket investment syste
  • Bupa OSHC Health Insurance Claim system
  • Easypark car park system Melbourne
  • Realestate.au rental system
  • KFC Order on the Go system
  • Flybuys rewards management system
  • Ampol’s EG Club system
  • Plenty of Fish Dating System
  • Seek employment System
  • DogPack app – Dog Park Finder system
  • Ticketek AU sports and entertainment ticketing system
  • LinktGo Toll App System
  • PTv App – Public Transport Victoria transport search

Project Deliverables

The project requires students to perform two phases: (a) requirements Analysis (b) System Modelling.

Title page (project name, author, and date)

Phase 1: Requirement analysis (Due Date – Week 7)

A. Introduction to the selected project and System description

B. Objectives of project

C. Requirement Specification (functional and non-functional) and Constraints

D. Description of the proposed system

E. Logical model design

  1. Data flow diagrams – Context diagram
  2. Data flow diagrams – Diagram 0/Diagram [Diagram 1 is optional]
  3. Data Dictionary for all the data stores in level 0 DFD and any 3 selected data flows of your choice

Phase 2: System and database design (Physical model design) (Due Date – Week 11)

A.  Object Oriented Modelling

Use a suitable UML diagramming software such as IO.Draw, Visual Paradigm (community edition) or Lucid charts to model the following diagrams of your selected project. Hand-drawn diagrams or diagrams developed using office suits are not accepted. Based on your project requirements, you may include the entire model in one diagram or subdivide the model into several subsystem diagrams.

  1. Use case diagrams
  2. Activity diagrams – Select at least 2 main use cases from your project and develop activity diagrams
  3. Class diagram
  4. System Sequence diagrams – Select at least 2 main use cases from your project and develop system sequence diagrams

B.   User interface

Design an overall user interface consisting of screens, commands, controls, and features to enable users to use the system. Choose at least 4 main functionalities of your project to develop user interfaces. Your design should demonstrate how data will be input to the system? That includes the physical layout for input, the input design and procedures, and how data will be output from the system. Use suitable wireframing software such as Lucid Charts online wireframe tool, Balsamiq Wireframes, or figma.com to design your interfaces.

C.   Data design

Develop a physical plan for data organization, storage, updating, and retrieval.

1. Entity-relationship diagrams

Use a suitable UML diagramming software such as IO.Draw, Visual Paradigm (community edition) or Lucid charts to model this diagram.

2. Database design

  1. Database tables with their attributes should be presented (however their implementations are not required)
  2. Primary key(s) should be identified in each table, if any

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