HI5004 Marketing Management - Group Report

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Semester-Long Marketing Plan Project (40%=40 marks)

An effective way to help students learn about marketing management is by creating a marketing plan for a product or service. This project is designed to accomplish such a task.

Students will be in a group of 4 (FOUR) (you can’t change the group for any reason). You need to go to class to find group members. You must form a group with students in the same class/same campus. Discuss with your lecturer in the class if you have any question.

1. Group Report

Due date: Friday 22/9/2023 at 11.59pm, Week 10

Weight: 30%

Word limit: +/- 10% of 3000 words

Reference requirement: at least 5 academic journals provided

Report structure and requirement

  1. Introduction about product/service approved in the Product/Service Assignment
  2. Competitive information: discussion about direct and indirect Also provide some discussion about competitive theory
  3. Environmental scanning: Provide full discussion about PESTEL analysis or Provide some strategies that help the company deal with Threats and Weaknesses and negative impacts from external environment.
  4. Demand forecasted: Provide reasonable reasons why customers are interested in the product/service. Provide consumption trends to predict the future demand for the product/service of their choice
  5. Specific market segmentation, targeting, and positioning statements: Provide market segmentation, targeting, and positioning Provide clear explanation and the link between theories and their choice
  6. Product or service’s brand positioning: Clear discussion about brand Also provide some discussion brand positioning theory.
  7. Who are the market leaders for their chosen product or service? What niche have they identified for their product/service? Is their product or service going: Provide full discussion about their market strategy. Provide clear justification about their choice to be a leader, follower, or challenger to well-established products or brands?
  1. Consumer-adoption process for their new product: How will the consumer learn about their new product and how quickly will they adopt it? Will the product be targeted to the heavy users and early adopters first, then early and late majorities? What is their estimated time for full adoption?
  2. Pricing strategy decisions for their product/service: Students have addressed all or most of the material concerning pricing covered in week
  3. Distribution: Students should be directed to turn in their retailing, wholesaling, and logistical marketing plans. Those students who are acting in the role of providing a new “service” should include here their plans for locations, hours of operations, and how their “service” plans on managing demand and capacity issues.
  1. The integrated marketing communications mix: Clear explanation and discussion about integrated marking communications matrix. Provide good justification about all the tools that they selected
  1. All the possible communication media: Clear explanation and discussion about communication media Provide good justification about all the media channel selected, for example, students will tend to concentrate their media on television or on the Internet and include other forms such as personal selling and radio).

2. Group Presentation

Due date: From Week 10 to Week 12

Weight: 10%

Word limit: 15 minutes

It is in-class presentation. Students must present to get the mark for the group report. All group members need to present their own part of the group assignment. The presentation schedule will be arranged with your lecturer.

Adapted Harvard Referencing Rules

Holmes will be implementing a revised Harvard approach to referencing. The following rules apply:

  1. Reference sources in assignments are limited to sources that provide full-text access to the source’s content for lecturers and
  2. The reference list must be located on a separate page at the end of the essay and titled: “References”.
  3. The reference list must include the details of all the in-text citations, arranged A-Z alphabetically by author surname with each reference numbered (1 to 10, ) and each reference MUST include a hyperlink to the full text of the cited reference source.

For example:

  1. Hawking, , McCarthy, B. & Stein, A. 2004. Second Wave ERP Education, Journal of Information Systems Education, Fall, http://jise.org/Volume15/n3/JISEv15n3p327.pdf
  2. All assignments will require additional in-text reference details which will consist of the surname of the author/authors or name of the authoring body, year

of publication, page number of content, paragraph where the content can be found. For example;

“The company decided to implement an enterprise wide data warehouse business intelligence strategy (Hawking et al, 2004, p3(4)).”

Adherence to Referencing Guidelines is Mandatory

Where students do not follow the above rules:

  1. For students who submit assignments that do not comply with the rules, a 10% penalty will be applied.
  2. As per the Student Handbook, late penalties will apply each day after the student/s has been notified of the resubmission requirements.
  3. Students who comply with rules and the citations are “fake” will be reported for academic misconduct.

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