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Assessment Instructions

Achieving competency

This assessment task contains 1 Case Study.  In order for you to meet the requirements of this assessment task you are to complete ALL questions listed below  by providing satisfactory answer to the related questions.

The task is to be completed in your own time using available reliable sources such as the course text books provided to you at orientation, credible internet sources such as the department of health and other text and online journals available to you through the online library service offered to all students and discussed at orientation.

It is important that you reference all sources of information that you use to obtain information used in your answers. Referencing must be included and failure to adhere to this requirement will result in a not satisfactory outcome for the assessment.

The case study is available in the Student Portal. You will need to download the case study and complete it then submit it through the Student Portal

Plagiarism will result in an immediate Not yet Competent – all copied material MUST be referenced accordingly. See you Student Handbook for more information.


If you receive a Not Yet Satisfactory result for this Assessment Task, it will be due to you not satisfying the requirements of one, multiple or all aspects of the task. Your Assessor will provide you with feedback as to where you did not meet the requirement.  You will have another opportunity to resubmit your assessment work addressing the areas as identified in your assessor feedback.

Should the student wish to appeal any decision relating to outcome of this assessment task, the student should follow the Academic-Non Academic Grievance policy and procedure available in the Student Handbook and Skills Training Australia website.

Assessment Extension Request:

All assessments are due on the assessment due date as identified on the assessment task document and confirmed by your Trainer/Assessor on the first day of the unit.

If you are unable, due to exceptional circumstances, to submit your assessment tasks on the required due date, you MUST submit a completed Assessment Extension Form to your Trainer/Assessor.

Extensions may be granted by your trainer under exceptional circumstances and will only be granted for a maximum of 2 weeks.

Adjustment in assessment

Flexibility in assessment will be considered where the integrity of the assessment and learning outcome is maintained. For example, a written assessment may be administered as a verbal assessment and recorded by a STA staff member where a student has sustained an injury preventing them from writing. Any agreement for an adjustment to assessment must be documented in the space provided in the assessment task document (or in writing to the program manager in the event of an electronically submitted assessment task and placed in your student file).

Please type your responses in the spaces provided below each question and submit as per the instructions in the assessment document.

Please note: The space below is not indicative to the required length of the response; you are to ensure that you thoroughly answer the question.

Case Study 1:
Betty is the Associate Nurse Unit Manager in charge of Orthopedic Surgery Discipline. She is a very efficient operating theatre nurse who has vast experience in orthopedic. She had just been employed to Chisholm Hospital operating theatre. Betty migrated from India and English is her second language. Jasmina is an instrument technician whose is originally from Croatia. Jasmina speaks with a distinct accent however she is very well-versed with the AS4187 standards and all policy and procedure by hard.One Friday, Betty instructed Jasmina to reprocess the ten full loan kit trays Exeter Trident (hip) from Stryker for patient UR no. 12567 by Mr. Smith Jones surgery schedule for Monday first case in the morning. Later that evening another loan kit trays Triathlon (knee) arrived for patient UR number 15765 by Mr. Smith Jones schedule for Monday afternoon list. 

On that Monday morning Mr. Smith Jones was very angry and screaming to the CSSD team when he walked into CSSD with Betty because the Triathlon tray was reprocessed for Monday morning case for patient 12567 instead of Exeter Trident. Patient had to be reversed from anesthesia and send back to the ward. This has angered the patient family and they threatened to sue the hospital.

John, the CSSD supervisor was back on first day from his long weekend off was in the middle of this tension between Mr. Smith Jones, Betty and Jasmina. Then Mr. Smith Jones threatened to report to CEO and he walked off angrily. Betty and Jasmina was having a heated argument trying to blame each other and John had to step in to diffuse the situation.

1. What communication strategies can be utilized to address the problems that are evident in the case scenario of Betty and Jasmina?
Trainer comments (if applicable): S NYS
2. How can you help to build strong relationships between operating theatre team and CSSD team?
Trainer comments (if applicable): S NYS
3. What are the barriers to communication?
Trainer comments (if applicable): S NYS
4. What can you do within your scope of your role?
Trainer comments (if applicable): S NYS
5. What resources/assistance can be accessed?
Trainer comments (if applicable): S NYS
6. What should Jasmina have done in this situation?
Trainer comments (if applicable): S NYS

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