FLI307 First Line Intervention

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Assessment Task

This assessment requires you to create and deliver a health education presentation to your colleagues in rural practice through an in-service style of delivery. Being able to educate your colleagues is a key activity for both best practice and continuing professional development.

Please refer to the Instructions for details on how to complete this task.


Nurses working in isolated practices require sound knowledge of theory and clinical practice skills to provide acute and chronic health care in these contexts. The Health Education Presentation will assess your application of these skills and knowledge using different case scenarios where first line interventional skills are used.


To complete this assessment task, you must select a key focus from one of the three options below:

  1. Managing diabetes in a remote aboriginal community; or
  2. Managing dementia for a patient in a rural community; or
  3. First line management of acute exposure in remote

You are required to use the PowerPoint presentation developed as Assessment 1 which addresses the background and overview of your selected case including topics such as pathophysiology, treatment, side effects and precautions, longer term and follow up requirements as well as further resources which may be useful. However, you may edit your Assessment 1 presentation draft to incorporate the feedback received from the learning facilitator. Please try to limit your presentation to five (5) slides however references may be attached as additional slides. You will need to develop a script to present each of these slides (remembering you only have 10 minutes in total). Then you will need to record yourself (video and sound) as if you were presenting to your colleagues during an in- service education session which should run for approximately 10 minutes (+/-10%). Your recording should have your face on a small sub-screen within the recording. You should strive to be as natural as possible in your presentation so aim to rehearse rather than read directly from your script. Your submission will consist of your recorded PowerPoint presentation (script not required) or you may find it easier to submit one file as an MP4 or other compatible video format.

Consider the following questions/elements as you develop the content and script for each slide:

  • What is the condition you are presenting and the key elements? What are the main points our colleagues need to know about these cases?
  • How should nurses approach care for these cases? What theoretical supports are there for practice?
  • How does your presentation attract and maintain attention? What learning outcomes might we expect for our viewers?
  • A suggested format for the slides might include:
    • Introduction/ background information
    • Pathophysiology and appropriate clinical detail
    • Treatments, side effects and precautions
    • Care planning and Follow up
    • Useful resources for further information and guidance
    • References
  • The assessment will be graded against the attached

You are encouraged to create slides which utilise pictures or diagrams where appropriate and aim to catch the viewer’s interest and attention. The aim of this assessment is to deliver a reasonable amount of highly useful information in a short timeframe. This skill will be essential for your future career success.

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