FLD201 Ethics and Professional Practice

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Assessment 3: Online Quiz (20%)

Ø  Due Date: Week 12 (14 August -18 August)

  • Duration: 40 minutes

Ø  Word Count: N/A

This is a Multiple-Choice test consisting of 20 questions covering a range of ethical and legal concepts, regulatory requirements and principles of professional practice in community service work.

The goal of this assessment is to test your knowledge and comprehension of ethical and legal concepts, regulatory requirements, and principles of professional practice in community service work.

The questions will not be posted prior to the date and time of the test. However, you will be provided with guidance on topics and revision during classes prior to the test.

It is the responsibility of each student to attend classes and be up to date with your readings.

Late log-in to the quiz or missing the quiz without having an approved special consideration will result in being awarded zero and no opportunity for re-sit.

Marking Criteria

Answers will be marked as correct/incorrect only. Each correct answer is weighted at 1 point. Each incorrect answer is given zero (0).

Example: for 10 right answers the mark is 10 out of 20.


To prepare for the quiz you are strongly encouraged to:

  1. Do your required readings every week and make your own notes on key concepts, issues, tensions and other points you may find relevant. Students who leave all their reading and preparation to the last week usually perform very poorly in this quiz.
  2. Attempt the Practice Online Quiz that can be found in Moodle. We encourage you to attempt it more than once throughout the term to familiarize yourself with the kinds of questions designed for the end of term quiz, and to practice working under time pressure. Note: the practice quiz is shorter than the final quiz in week 12.
  3. This practice quiz will NOT be assessed, and you may try it as often as you wish.

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