Find The Derivative Of E2x By The First Principle. I Want To Know To Things The First One Is, Why Is The Number 2 In Red Coming..

Find the derivative of e2x by the first principle.
I want to know to things
The first one is, why is the number 2 in red coming up there? It doesn't make sense to me.
The second is, for the right side of the function (eh-1)/2h is the limit going to be 0 or 1, and why?

Please see the picture below where I got confused.


Transcribed image text

2x+2h 2x e е e ho f(es. et f(x) = Lim f(x) lim ele 1) f(x) = et lim en h f(x) = (2x lim 2 (e"..) the limit h e-1 h-so hose 12h will be solo? why is this 2 there? f'(x) = 2 e2²

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