Feature Writing (Individual assignment): Displaying the ethics and responsibilities of a journalist

Evaluation 3 Essay 2Evaluation HPK3: Displaying the ethics and responsibilities of a journalist.
Assignment title Feature writing (Individual assignment)
Requirements This assignment is divided into two phases: Idea Generation and Article Writing.Identify suitable ideas for article creation. Ideas should be obtained from:

a.  Current news reports

b.  Trending issues on social media

c.   Conversations with acquaintances

Write the article based on the approved idea in collaboration with the lecturer.

Final results ·              Proposal of idea for the feature·              Feature article
Submission Requirements All feature articles must adhere to the following requirements:·              Should be between 500 to 600 words excluding your byline.

·              12-point Times New Roman font

·              Double-spaced

·              Include a word count for your article.

Save your file as: Features (name, student id)

Feature article

Students are required to write an article based on the idea that has been presented and approved by the lecturer. Your article must include:

  1. Quotations from two sources; at least one from a UKM scholar to obtain expert opinions on the issue.
  2. Two images and related captions about the issue being written.
  3. An engaging title
  4. Byline
  5. Subtitle (if necessary)

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