Express as decimal fractions:frac 5/32

Express as decimal fractions:532532

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Hi Guys, Let's solve problem. 40 to express as decimal fraction 5/32. So to do that we will divide the numerator by the denominator. So let's do it 32 five. So how many times 32 goals into 5:00 times. So for that let's put a decimal point here to put a zero. Now We can divide 30: 50 x 32. From here. We can see that 32 Times one is 32 and 32 times two is 64 which exceeds 50. So we will write 32 here. Now The reminder is 18. Now We will put a zero here To make it 180. So how many times 32 goals into 1 80 From here? We can see that 32 Times five is 1 60. So let's put 160. So we have 20 Again we will add another zero And then 32 times six is 100 92 and the reminder is eight We will put 20. Yeah. Now 32 times two is 64. We have 16 left. We'll add another zero to make it 160 And 32 dams five is 1 60. Now We have zero reminder. Therefore 5/32 can be written in decimal fraction 0.15. 6 to 5. And that's our answer. Thank you


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