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Elevator Pitch
Type: Presentation
Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 3, 4
Due Date: 22 Mar 24 8:00 - 22 Mar 24 14:00 Live In-Person Presentation, During Class
Weight: 20%
Task Description:
Via a live "elevator pitch" to the class, you will individually pitch your event ideas in your tutorial in Week 5 in response to the client objectives provided in week 3.
The elevator pitch will be 2-3 minutes maximum (strictly enforced).
You will receive feedback from the teaching team and your peers directly at the conclusion of your pitch.
The results of the elevator pitch and feedback provided will help groups shape and refine thier ideas for the Client Event Proposal due at the end of the term.
You are required to attend all of the pitches and provide feedback to your peers (just as they will be providing feedback for you).
A detailed presentation schedule will be provided to the class via Blackboard in Week 3.
A full criteria sheet will be provided via Blackboard.
Please note:

UQ acknowledges that AI presents novel and evolving opportunities to assessment and will support students and staff in maintaining academic integrity.
Individual assessment tasks will detail any form of acceptable use of AI across all courses.
Use of AI outputs without attribution is a form of plagiarism which is unacceptable and constitutes academic misconduct.
Assessment will always centre of critical appraisal of student knowledge, skills and attributes. This may include students’ critical reflection and application of AI within their discipline.
The pitch will be recorded for marking purposes.
Criteria & Marking:
UQ Students: Please access the profile from Learn.UQ or mySI-net to access marking criteria held in this profile.

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