ETCH306 ASSESSMENT 2 – Multimodal Text

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For this assessment task you will need to critique how Play School episodes demonstrate how music, dance and drama content is utilised to facilitate children’s creativity, development of music, dance, and drama dispositions and concepts; and how they can inspire playful curriculum design in early childhood contexts.

Watch and critique the following Play School episode’s

  • Green Team 2
  • Wonderful World 1

Ensure your multimodal text contains the following:

  1. A critical reflection on how each episode uses music, dance, and drama to facilitate children’s creativity.
  2. Describes child development and dispositions in relation to music, dance and drama that are being facilitated.
  3. Documents and identifies the dance, drama, and music elements you can see (include screen shots to indicate where you saw these elements)
  4. Critique’s the teacher’s (actors) skills and strategies, and pedagogies to teach music, dance, and drama to young children.
  5. Critique’s how the shows supports young children's understanding of and learning in music, dance, and drama.
  6. Identify how the shows utilise and integrate music, dance, and drama across all the curriculum learning areas.
  7. Provides planning for a further three (3) engaging inquiry-based playful music, dance, and drama curriculum provisions for children (1 x 0-2 years, 1 x 2-3 years, and 1 x 4-5 years).

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