Essay Topic: Describe two explanations for a contemporary Australian social issue identified in this unit

Assessment instructions

You are asked to show you understand that social issues are understood differently from different theoretical

perspectives. This is a key skill in community services work because different theories are dominant at different times, and you will need to develop your practice theoretical framework to inform your practice.

Your paper will show you understand that there is never one complete explanation for social issues but there may be multiple explanations

The second part of the paper asks you to recognise that governments can act on social issues through policy responses. The constitutional structure of government in part shapes the response.

The essay therefore crosses sociology, politics, and policy.


  1. Describe two explanations for a contemporary Australian social issue identified in this unit.
  2. Identify the level of government that is constitutionally responsible for this social issue and the Commonwealth State arrangements for the associated social policy.
  3. Identify and describe one current policy response to that social issue.

The explanations for the problem can be identified through the Essential reading and/ or the journal articles.

The social issues can be framed in the language of your explanations but need to be covered in this unit; for example, poverty, inequality, family-based issues such as violence or harm to children, youth issues, mental health or problematic drug and alcohol use. You can also narrow down your topic by examining the issue in relation to a particular group based on for example, location (rural or remote), gender, age, non-English-speaking migrants, or Indigenous Australians.

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